All you need to know about The International 10

By Aidan CostaAugust 27, 2021
Finally, after a two-year hiatus, The International returns for its 10th installment, hosted by PGL Esports. Here is what we know about TI10:

When and where?

The final selected location for TI10 will be in Bucharest, Romania, running from October 7-17 at the largest arena in the country: Arena Națională. The tournament originally was scheduled at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden for August 18th – August 23rd, 2020, but was delayed due to COVID to August 5th – August 15th, 2021. However, it was discovered in early June that the Swedish Sports Federation had declared that they would not be accepting esports into their federation. This would prevent many players, talent and staff from being able to acquire a visa to enter Sweden, and after several attempts to rectify this issue, Valve decided to take their tournament elsewhere.

The teams

There will be 18 teams competing to claim the aegis, 12 being the top performers during the DPC circuit, and the other 6 winners of their respective regional qualifiers.



Undying (North America)
SG e-sports (South America)
OG (Western Europe)
Team Spirit (Eastern Europe)
Elephant (China)
Fnatic (Southeast Asia)

The prize

$40,018,195. Yup. No big deal, just another record broken by Valve’s TI… again. It is worth noting however that the current battle pass does not add to this pool. Last year’s battle pass remains the only contributor.

Format and schedule

Right now there is no official information regarding format, however it may follow the same Round Robin and double-elimination format we saw at TI9. Luckily, we have been provided with the dates of the group stage, where teams will be put into groups to fight for first, and then the main event where the winners of their groups will face off to lift the aegis. Group Stage: October 7 - 10
Main Event: October 12 - 17

Attending the International?

Valve, unfortunately, has not yet released information regarding tickets. For now, you may want to have a look at this reddit thread created by u/Aframovici. In their post, they talk about: different forms of transportation and their prices, well-rated hotels in the area, tons of different places to eat and drink (they even listed a vegan restaurant), places to visit (such as the Peles Castle and the Muzeul National de Arta), and malls if you’re looking to buy some clothes or a souvenir you can bring home as a gift. They also answer questions regarding the COVID situation, overall safety, weather, and how you can exchange your currency to RON (Romanian Leu) as they may not accept outside currencies. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to attend TI, but aren’t familiar with Romania.

Fun Facts!

China makes up 24% of the players attending TI(22/90), the most represented country. This isn’t exactly a surprise, as China has had the most players at every single TI, averaging 22 players across all TIs. However, in second, is Peru, with an 11% representation (10/90). Although there are plenty of great Peruvian players, they have not always had such a strong presence at TI as a country, making this a great event for the Peruvian fans out there.
Most South American teams at TI ever (3). The teams being: beastcoast, SG e-sports, and Thunder Predator. Dota 2 is a game that is constantly evolving, and it’s good to see that the international competition is following that trend and proving that all regions can produce teams and players of the highest quality.
Since TI has had qualifiers, (TI4 back in 2014), this has been the longest gap between qualifiers and the group stage, where the tournament officially starts with the invited and qualified teams being split into groups to compete for first in their respective groups. A total of 89 days will be separating this year's qualifiers and the start of the tournament, compared to TI3’s 65-day wait, and more recently, TI9’s 32-day wait. This will also be the longest gap between TIs, as it has always been an annual event but was delayed just over 2 years due to the COVID pandemic.
Puppey, captain and support player for Team Secret, has attended 10 TIs in a row, proving to be the only player to do so.
Possible TI champion repeaters. Ceb, N0tail and Topson, all members of OG, will be looking to add a third championship to their belt. Seeing as how no one else has even won more than a single time, that would be an unbelievable achievement. They have even added SumaiL, a TI5 champion, to their roster in hopes of turning this dream into a reality.
Could be an 8th True Sight in the series. True Sight is a Dota 2 documentary series produced by Valve that aims to capture the experience of the players and present the tournament’s finals in a manner that creates an entertaining and suspenseful narrative. The last few episodes have captured the finals from TI7-TI9, while the earlier episodes have covered specific teams more personally. Catch up on the series here!
Hopefully, we were able to answer any questions you may have had regarding TI10. We can’t wait to see what this year’s tournament has in store for us!
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