Dota 2 tournaments to watch in July and August

By Jack VioletJuly 23, 2021
With the completion of The International 10 qualifiers and with the event being pushed back to October, fans have been left with a Dota drought. But fear not! There are plenty of events going on between now and TI10, and TrackDota has you covered. Here are some tournaments that are currently going on and will be running in the upcoming weeks. There’s a tournament for every region coming up:

BIX Invitationals Summer and PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2

If the Southeast Asian qualifiers had you craving some more SEA Dota, look no further than these two SEA tourneys! BIX Invitationals Summer and PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2 have $10,000 prize pools and feature teams from the SEA qualifiers who didn’t quite make it to TI10 including OB Neon, Execration, and Team SMG. These tournaments began on July 14 and will run until July 25. They’ve concluded their group stages and have moved into playoffs. Come support some of SEA’s finest in the last few days of these events!

Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2

Another tournament that has already begun, the Dota 2 Champions League is a $50,000 tournament featuring twelve teams from the Western and Eastern European TI10 qualifiers. Team Spirit and Tundra Esports have received a direct invite to the playoffs. The remaining ten teams, including Hellbear Smashers, AS Monaco Gambit, and Chicken Fighters, will fight it out in a group stage. The top six teams in the group will advance to the first division playoffs while the bottom four advance to the second division playoffs. The group stage is already underway and will run until August 2. The playoffs will take place from August 4 to August 8. Start watching the group stage now!

BTS Pro Series Season 7: SEA and AM

Beyond the Summit is back with another installment of the BTS Pro Series, both in SEA and the Americas. Both regions will fight over a $50,000 prize pool. Each tournament features a mix of directly invited teams as well as invites to the closed qualifiers. T1 and Fnatic, who both qualified for TI10, will make an appearance in SEA. As for the Americas, teams from both North and South America will clash against one another. The invites for the Americas have yet to be announced but they’ll most likely be teams from the TI qualifiers.
The SEA tournament will run from July 27 to August 15 while the Americas tournament runs from August 4 to August 22. Don’t miss out!

OGA Dota Pit China

If you’re a fan of Chinese Dota, OGA Dota Pit has you covered! An eight team tournament featuring all five Chinese teams who qualified to TI10, Dota Pit should make for some incredibly competitive matches. Teams will be split into two groups of four. The top teams from each group will advance to round two of the upper bracket, second and third will advance to round one of the upper bracket, and the remaining team will be eliminated. With an approximately $150,000 prize pool, you won’t want to miss China’s best compete ahead of TI10.


Last but not least, ESL has announced ESL One Fall which will run from August 21 to August 29 with a massive $400,000 prize pool. Not much is known about this tournament yet as it’s an entire month away but we do know that it will star twelve high caliber teams and will most likely have a similar format to ESL’s previous tournament, ESL One Summer. Stay tuned in a few weeks for this incredible tournament!
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