OG qualify for TI10

By Matt DixonJuly 10, 2021
The European qualifiers for The International 10 have come to a close, leaving OG as the final team to earn a spot at TI10 in Bucharest this October. After a long day with eight games played in the final day, they join 17 more teams who will fight for the ultimate prize in the Dota Pro Circuit; the Aegis of Champions.
The EU qualifiers were marked by the surprise dominance of Tundra Esports — a clean shot through the upper bracket earned them a space in the grand finals, leaving both Nigma and OG to face off in the lower bracket — a matchup we expected would be the grand finals. Having remained in the background of the pro scene all year round, Tundra emerged as a serious dark horse who their opponents had likely underestimated and under-prepared for.
The final day began with Europe’s biggest names battling for the right to take on Tundra. The lower bracket final ultimately went in OG’s favor, ending Kuro “Kuroky” Salehi Takhasomi’s streak of attending every TI, an achievement ten years in the making. Even so, with TI on the line, Nigma didn’t down without a fight nor without putting on a good show; take this double rampage from Amer “Miracle-“ Al-Barkawi for example.
The grand finals would also go all the way to game five, leaving so much on the line for just one game. Along the way, we saw Leon "Nine" Kirilin unleash the mother of all cheese picks, his mid Winter Wyvern. Just a few weeks ago at the AniMajor, Wyvern was one of the most talked about heroes, noted for her massive healing potential thanks to the buffs to Holy Locket. Nine turned the hero on its head, transforming Wyvern into a terrifying DPS machine, even dealing more damage than Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen’s Zeus in game three.
As Nine’s Wyvern returned for the final match of the qualifiers, it looked like OG could be frozen out of the qualifiers as the Wyvern picked up an early advantage from solo-killing Topson in the mid lane. However, Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan was having an even better time on his safe lane Templar Assassin. Despite the unconventional lane for the hero, Sumail snowballed out of control, unable to be killed by Tundra whatsoever. His unstoppable performance was what OG needed to propel them to The International, and ultimately sealed the deal on their right to defend their back-to-back championship.
While the classic OG roster will not be in full form at TI, the newcomers to OG will be joining the staple trio of OG in their attempt at furthering their iconic record at The International.
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