Elephant become the 5th Chinese team to qualify to TI

By Jack VioletJuly 10, 2021
After being unable to qualify to either Major this season, Elephant have qualified to The International 10 after defeating EHOME 3-1. Elephant were able to exact their revenge on EHOME after they were defeated 2-1 in the upper bracket final. While game one went the way of EHOME, the next three games were dominated by Elephant. Congratulations to:
This will be Elephant’s first international LAN since the team’s formation. They placed fifth in both seasons behind the four Chinese teams that qualified for TI, meaning that this qualifier was finally their chance for them to earn a spot on the main stage. Elephant is the fifth team from China to qualify for TI, making China the region with the highest region representation. Behind China follows Western Europe, North America, and South America with three teams a piece.
One of Elephant’s largest problems during the DPC season was the chemistry and coordination between the players, which is not an easy thing to fix. There is no doubt that the individual skill is there from these players but in such a competitive environment you need more than raw talent. With the new addition of Super just ahead of the qualifier, Elephant vastly improved over the course of this event and rightfully earned first place and a spot at TI.
Somnus丶M had incredible performances across all four games. He managed to secure 10+ kills each game for himself and three or fewer deaths. Somnus丶M had some shaky performances in some of their previous series but was vital in Elephant’s victory here against EHOME.
With TI qualifiers concluding and TI itself being delayed until October, Elephant will have plenty of time to rest and work on their craft.
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