TI10 to be held in Bucharest, in October

By Chelsea JackJuly 7, 2021
The International 10, Valve has announced, will take place from October 7-17, 2021, in Bucharest, Romania. The $40,018,195 prize pool will be divided between 18 teams, 12 directly invited and 6 who have earned their invites from regional qualifiers.
As per the official announcement, the group stage will run from October 7-10, with the main stage event unfolding from October 12-17.
This follows Valve's announcement in June that the original plan to host TI10 in Stockholm, Sweden in early-mid August had to be scuttled. There were complications with recognizing the event as an elite sporting event that made visa acquisition for all the players, staff, and talent required for the event unlikely at best.

To Romania We Go

The newly scheduled event will be hosted in the Arena Nationala. The stadium has a capacity of more than 55,000. Valve has indicated that information about ticket sales will be released shortly.
Romania currently has fewer than 50 daily COVID infections and no lockdown restrictions in place. on the incidence rate of COVID-19 cases in the originating country. This may create some travel hassles for different teams, but with three months now to plan for the event, hopefully, there will be enough time to sort out all the travel complications during a global pandemic.
This is the first time that the delay between qualifiers and The International will be three months long. We have questions!
Will Valve release a new patch between now and then? 7.29 was released in April, and waiting until after The International would be put us at a 6-month gap.
Will other tournament organizers move to fill the intervening months?
Will any of the teams crack under the pressure of waiting two extra months for the event?
Patience in all things.
While we wait for answers, join us in watching the final regional qualifiers, Western Europe and China, running from July 7-10.
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