Team Spirit will represent EEU at TI10

By Jack VioletJune 28, 2021
Team Spirit has claimed first place in the Eastern European qualifier for the International 10.
Congratulations to:
Team Spirit was practically everyone’s favorite for the EEU qualifier and with good reason. The team has substantially improved over the season and were able to place second in the second season of the Dota Pro Circuit and net themselves a top-eight finish at the AniMajor.
However, no one was expecting the qualifier to be this close. On top of that, no one was expecting Team Empire to be the one to go the distance against Spirit. Team Empire made an impressive run through the tournament. They started in the lower bracket and took down everyone they faced but unfortunately came up short against Spirit.
Spirit were able to come back from a 1-2 deficit against Empire to claim their victory. The first three games were heavily Empire favored but Spirit showed great resilience in the face of adversity. They were able to turn game one around but were unable to defend against mega creeps in games two and three. By the time game four came around, Spirit had Empire all figured out and were able to crush the last two games for a comeback.
Spirit will look to their captain Miposhka for guidance at this year’s International as they are all newcomers. Miposhka placed top eight on Empire at TI7 after an infamous upset against Evil Geniuses. This roster’s first LAN together was the AniMajor and their second will be The International. Their hard work has greatly paid off.
Team Spirit has qualified alongside SG e-sports in the regional qualifiers. This leaves four more teams to qualify. Qualifiers will continue with South East Asia and North America on June 30. Stay tuned for more updates!
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