Preview: TI10 South American Qualifiers

By Jack VioletJune 22, 2021
The most important qualifiers of the year are upon us: The International 10 qualifiers. With the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit, 12 teams have directly qualified to the event, leaving six more teams to join them. One team from each region will fight through the qualifiers to earn their spot at the most prestigious Dota event of the year.
The format for this year’s qualifiers are very different than they’ve been in previous years. There are no open qualifiers or group stage. The qualifiers jump right into a double elimination bracket where teams are seeded based on the number of DPC points they earned as well as their placement in the second season of the DPC. The top eight teams are seeded into the upper bracket, with the remaining teams seeded into the lower bracket. Some regions will have a different number of teams competing depending on how many teams from that region qualified via DPC points and how many teams disbanded.

A look at the SA Teams

There are 12 teams competing in the South American qualifier:
The South American qualifier will run from June 23 to June 26.
The clear favorites of the qualifier are NoPing. They were dominant last season and were the only team to qualify for a Major out of these twelve. They were able to get to a game three against top six team Quincy Crew and second place team Evil Geniuses but were unable to close out a series. Can they use their Major experience to excel in the qualifier?
South America is known for surprises, however, and there could certainly be some upsets. Infamous and SG are some of the larger names in SA currently have some SA veterans on their rosters. The rest of the teams haven’t really had any standout performances in the region just yet and it will certainly be a tough road for those starting in the lower bracket.

South American representation at The International

This year’s TI will feature the most SA teams than any other TI. With beastcoast and Thunder Predator qualifying via DPC points and another team qualifying through the qualifier, there will be three SA teams present. Valve did not introduce an SA qualifier until TI7, where Infamous would be the first SA team to qualify for the event. This is also the first year where SA teams qualified to TI via DPC points. It’s amazing to see how far SA Dota has come!
Catch the first match of the qualifiers between NoPing and Infinity on June 23 at 11 AM ET / 5 PM CET! Stay up to date with our event hub!
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