T1 victorious at ESL One Summer

By Jack VioletJune 21, 2021
In an intense five game series, T1 were victorious over Virtus.pro in a 3-2 victory at ESL One Summer. After trailing 1-2, T1 were able to swing things back into their favor and take it to five games and get their revenge after losing to VP in the upper bracket finals. The team will take home $175,000 for their efforts.
T1 has had impressive showings over the past few weeks. They were able to earn first place in the South East Asian DPC, third place at the AniMajor, and now first place here at ESL One Summer. They’ve shown tremendous growth over the DPC and definitely deserve their spot at The International.
Though they weren’t victorious, VP were certainly able to recover from their poor performance at the AniMajor. The team hasn’t had great results on LAN but are always impressive in online tournaments. If they’re able to bring this energy to The International, they could pose a real threat.

Heroes of the series

There were two heroes in this series that were highly contested and utilized to their full abilities. Winter Wyvern’s popularity carried over from the AniMajor and was used by both T1’s Kenny "Xepher" Deo and VP’s Illias "Kingslayer" Ganeev in the first three games. The heal of Cold Embrace is extremely powerful especially when combined with Holy Locket, an item that has risen in popularity in the past few weeks and amplifies the already high amount of healing. Combined with the rest of the hero’s tool kit, Winter Wyvern was either a first phase pick or first phase ban in every game of the finals.
Nyx Assassin was favored by T1 in the last three games of the series but was untouched by VP. Again played by Xepher, Nyx Assassin is a nuisance in team fights. It may seem like a ridiculous build to rush Aghanim's Scepter, but Burrow is an incredible spell. It grants a number of buffs, including invisibility, damage reduction, health and mana regeneration, and increased cast range. This pile of dirt proved to be too much for VP in games four and five, as even a Wraith King could do no harm to a burrowed Nyx.

Looking ahead

ESL One Summer looks to be the last tournament for a while, but there’s still plenty of Dota to be watched in the upcoming weeks. Qualifiers for The International begin on June 23, starting with Eastern Europe and South America. Stay tuned and see which teams are able to claim spots at the biggest tournament of the year!
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