PSG.LGD win the WePlay AniMajor

By Tom CockramJune 14, 2021
PSG.LGD has won the WePlay AniMajora after a 3-0 victory over Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals. LGD looked like the team to beat after cruising through the upper bracket, only losing two games during the playoffs to Nigma and T1. They took home $200,000 US for the victory and 500 DPC points.

LGD Dominant

LGD played a methodical approach and respected their opponents even when they had a big net worth lead. Always respecting the chance for the opposition to take a team fight but making sure they pushed the advantage whenever the enemy had respawns. They also clearly favored ranged supports with healing options for Zhang "y`" Yiping as they drafted Phoenix, Enchantress, and Winter Wyvern in the finals. Each of these heroes has built-in healing options, combined with one of the strongest items of the Major, the Holy Locket. It creates a powerful save for your teammates. Y' favored the Aether Lens over the Holy Locket in the final game, which on Winter Wyvern is very understandable given that the hero thrives from the safety of the extra range Aether Lens provides.
Evil Geniuses would have hoped to improve upon their shortcomings from the Singapore Major, where they also managed second place, again losing out to a Chinese team. But on the bright side, a back-to-back finals appearance has got to boost confidence for the team heading into The International. EG has been most consistent team over these two Majors, with LGD placing third at the Singapore Major 2021 and IG not making it out of the wild card at the AniMajor.

The Format

The Major was entertaining with great stories evolving from teams chasing the lucrative direct invite to The International to an SEA team in T1 placing third. But the format of the tournament highlighted some problems, with four out of six playoff seeds losing two games to be immediately eliminated. The direct slot into the playoffs seemed to harm teams more than it helped them, as they were going into important playoff games without playing any official matches. Of course, the teams won’t have been sitting around, and they would have been scrimming and spending their time wisely. It just doesn’t compare to playing official games on the biggest of stages. Hopefully, next season we can see this changed and have teams qualify for the group stage or the wild card and remove these playoffs slots from the leagues.
It was fantastic to see PSG.LGD winning at Dota tournament again and solidifies China as the best region, having won both Majors this Dota Pro Circuit. But all focus now turns onto The International Qualifiers, which begin June 23 in Eastern Europe and South America, with other regions following shortly afterward.
Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated PSG.LGD did not attend the Singapore Major. In fact, they placed third.
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