Invited teams fall flat in AniMajor Playoffs

By Jack VioletJune 11, 2021
After an exciting day of Dota at the WePlay AniMajor, the first four teams have been eliminated from the playoffs. Team Aster, Alliance, Virtus.pro, and NoPing Esports have all been sent home without earning any prize or DPC points.
The fact that these four teams were first in their region, yet played only two series each before elimination, has definitely raised some concern for the format of the Dota Pro Circuit. The distribution of points for next season needs some evaluation to create more balanced and fair competition.
Nonetheless, some great Dota was played over the course of the day.

TNC Predator versus Team Aster

If you want a series with comebacks and plays that turn the entire game around, the TNC versus Aster series is a must-watch.
Game two was easily the most hype and craziest game of the series. TNC were crushed in the lanes and were being beaten down by Aster. In a last-ditch effort to turn the game around, Armel jumped into the Rosh Pit under the cover of Mortimer’s Kisses and managed to take everything from Aster. This play allowed them to stay alive in game two and ultimately move to the decisive game three where they’d take the series.
Though Aster bows out early at the WePlay Major, they’ve still managed to obtain enough DPC points from the Chinese DPC to qualify for TI. TNC on the other hand still have quite a way to go if they still hope to qualify for TI based on points.

Alliance versus Team Spirit

Alliance bottomed out of the group in the last Major but managed to earn themselves a direct invite to the playoffs this time around. Eager to prove themselves, Alliance were swiftly knocked to the lower bracket by Chinese powerhouse PSG.LGD, putting them up against Team Spirit.
Throughout the duration of the group stage, Team Spirit had six draws and were never able to 2-0 anyone else. This left people wondering, what happens in game three against Spirit? And people got their answer: a stomp. With commanding force, Team Spirit completely stomped Alliance in the third game with a kill score of 25-2. Putting into full throttle, Spirit had mega creeps in under 30 minutes.
Spirit needs to make it to the end if they wish to avoid the dreaded qualifiers.
Catch the next series on June 11 between Vici Gaming and Team Spirit! Vici Gaming has qualified for TI, will they stop Team Spirit from making it further? Stay up to date with our event hub!
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