PSG.LGD and Nigma top AniMajor Group

By Jack VioletJune 7, 2021
After an action-packed group stage, PSG.LGD and Team Nigma will advance to the upper bracket of the WePlay! AniMajor playoffs.
PSG.LGD had secured their spot in the upper bracket before the final day of the group stage. The Chinese titan has been unstoppable this tournament and was the only team to finish the group stage without being 2-0’d. With their versatile drafts and extremely high individual skill, teams should fear PSG.LGD in the playoffs.
Team Nigma was able to ride their momentum from the Wild Card into the group stage and snag the second upper bracket spot. Alongside fellow Wild Card competitor Vici Gaming, they’ve played a total of 24 games so far, which is 10 more than any group stage team and 24 more than any team who was directly seeded into the playoffs. They still have a long and tough journey if they hope to qualify for TI, which will most likely require a top two or three finish.
This leaves Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, TNC Predator, and Team Spirit in the lower bracket.

Team Liquid fall out after tiebreaker

Team Liquid sat at the bottom of the group after their abysmal performance in the first two days. The team looked lost, but seemed to regain some of their composure and were able to force two draws and a 2-0 in the following days. This allowed them to surpass beastcoast who ultimately ended in last, as well as tie their score with Team Spirit.
Team Liquid poured all of their net worth into Michael "miCKe" Nguyen Luna and managed a gold lead for the majority of the game. But after one powerful team fight from Team Spirit, Liquid’s gold lead quickly dwindled and Spirit took the game, sending Liquid home.
Team Liquid will now have to compete in the TI regional qualifiers. The WEU qualifiers look to be a bloodbath as they feature Liquid, OG, Tundra, and potentially Nigma. These teams will all battle for a single slot.
The playoff bracket has been revealed and the tournament will continue with Team Aster versus T1 on June 9. Stay up to date with our event hub!
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