WePlay AniMajor Wild Card Roundup

By Tom CockramJune 3, 2021
The Wild Card event is over, and we now know that Vici Gaming and Nigma will be going into the group stage starting 4 June.
The Wild Card was a stacked event with all of these teams taking games off each other, resulting in only two 2-0s in a day that saw eight best-of-2s played. In the Wild Card, only Invictus Gaming and Team Secret are already qualified for The International 10. Vici Gaming and Nigma both fight to avoid the brutal regional qualifiers coming up. With so much to play for with both of these teams, it’s not surprising that Vici Gaming and Nigma are the two that made it to the group stage, but boy, did they have to work for it!

The Nigma Anime Storyline

The real anime storyline appeared in Nigma’s last series against Team Secret when they were one game up and in the second game had both cores, Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi and Igor "iLTW" Filatov leading the charge at the top of the net worth charts. Unfortunately, around the 16-minute mark, the Dota 2 servers crashed, and the game was lost, forcing the game to be replayed with the same draft, same lanes, and starting items.
Nigma then lost that game to Team Secret and required Secret and IG to draw the series to advance. However, luck was not on Nigma’s side, and IG won the series 2-0 and forced a Bo1 tiebreaker.
And boy did Team Nigma turn up for the tiebreaker! The game was a close affair with ILTW’s Luna leading the charge, but IG closed the lead by choosing to farm as Nigma went for the Roshan kill. Later on, a fight erupted at around the 27-minute mark, with Nigma winning the fight. They then barrelled down mid took a tier two tower, and then the tier three and tier fours ending the game just over a minute after they took the fight. Without any buybacks from IG and an Alacrity Luna, their base never stood a chance and was destroyed in a minute.
Nigma are truly writing the anime storyline here, with the team needing a strong placing at the Major to secure a direct invite to The International 10. When the regional qualifiers include two time TI champions OG, it’s best to avoid that qualifier! Nigma had their backs against the wall today and had everything go wrong for them, but they put their heads down and prevailed against all the odds. On to the group stage!
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