PuckChamp denies Na'Vi a spot at the Major

By Jack VioletMay 22, 2021
After an incredible performance in their last series against Natus Vincere, PuckChamp has maintained their place in the Eastern European Upper Division.
PuckChamp is a team of new blood in the EEU region that placed first in the EEU Lower Division last season and were promoted to the Upper Division. They are a young and talented stack coached by ex-Virtus.pro coach and TI1 winner Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov. PuckChamp had a very rocky season and held a record of 2-4 going into their last series against Na’Vi. If they were to lose, they’d need to play a tiebreaker against Winstrike Team to avoid relegation.
This was also a crucial series for Na’Vi. Because of their loss to Team Unique in the previous week, they needed this victory in order to force a tiebreaker with AS Monaco Gambit and a chance at a Wild Card spot at the Major. Na’Vi had missed the previous Major due to coronavirus issues and missed out on vital DPC points.

Astral the Techies picker

Game one did not go PuckChamp’s way whatsoever as Na’Vi snowballed over them with Templar Assassin and Wraith King. But PuckChamp didn’t let this deter their spirit and they pulled out their trump card: Techies. Position four player Genadiy "Astral" Motuz is a master of the hero. In fact, it’s his most played hero of this DPC season and only lost once to VP. He proved to be an incredible nuisance the entire match and helped his team accelerate with well-placed mines to take down Na’Vi in game two.
Game three was a flawless performance from PuckChamp as well. They crushed their lanes and made close to no mistakes. Three players on the side of PuckChamp finished the match without a death and the kill score ended at 29-7. With this immaculate upset, PuckChamp showed the world what they’re made of and that they’re ready for another season in the EEU Upper Division.

Final Standings in the EEU DPC

Many were expecting two sets of tiebreakers heading into this last week, but with PuckChamp’s upset the season will conclude without them. Virtus.pro and Team Spirit had already secured first and second place respectively entering the last week. AS Monaco Gambit defeated Team Unique to secure third place and the final Wild Card Spot. Unique, PuckChamp, and Na’Vi will remain in the Upper Division for the upcoming season. Winstrike and EXTREMUM have unfortunately been relegated to the Lower Division.
Though VP has secured a spot at TI, Team Spirit and ASM Gambit will need high placements if they wish to do so as well. Otherwise, they’ll have to play in some difficult qualifiers for the one regional qualifier spot.
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