NoPing Esports take top SA DPC seed after dramatic finish

By Jack VioletMay 22, 2021
In a very intense fashion, NoPing Esports has taken the top seed over beastcoast in the South American DPC and earned themselves a direct invite to the Major Playoffs.
The final series of the SA DPC was between NoPing Esports and beastcoast. Entering the series, NoPing held a 6-0 record while beastcoast was at 5-1. This meant even if NoPing lost this final series, the teams would have to play another best of three to determine who earned the direct invite and who would enter the group stage at the Major.
And that’s exactly what happened.

Round 1: Early GG’s

NoPing seemed to be extremely tilted in the first best of three. In game one, beastcoast was able to push their momentum and create a sizeable net worth lead, summing to about 8k at 22 minutes. Though things did not look good for NoPing in this game, throwing in the towel at 22 minutes when Major playoffs are on the line is extremely risky.
Game two saw an entirely different NoPing. Though the teams’ net worths were rather even for the majority of the game, the team created plenty of space for William "hFn" Medeiros’s Medusa to become dominant and unkillable. NoPing handily took map two.
Game three was arguably much worse of a rage quit than the first map. NoPing held a gold lead for the entire match. After some unfavorable trades, they lost four heroes, allowing beastcoast to begin Roshan. Before beastcoast could even finish off Roshan, and despite NoPing still holding a net worth advantage, Jose Leonardo "Panda" Padilla Hernandez calls “gg” and immediately disconnects from the match. With this, we head into the tiebreaker.

Round 2: Domination

After taking some time to breathe after the first best of three, NoPing did not hold back in the second series. Timbersaw was the hero to watch this series, played by Oscar David "Oscar" Chavez, as beastcoast had no answer to the hero in either game. NoPing also drafted an unorthodox last pick Naga Siren who quickly accelerated high above beastcoast’s cores. Unable to deal with NoPing’s unstoppable onslaught, beastcoast held on for 40 minutes but were forced to call “gg.”
With their first-place victory, NoPing Esports claimed 30,000 USD and 500 DPC points. If the team lands a top-eight finish at the Major, they could earn enough DPC points to earn a direct invite to TI10. This seems very plausible, as with the direct playoff invite, they only need to win a single series. With beastcoast also joining them at the Major and Thunder Predator’s impressive performance at the last Major, there’s potential for a large amount of South American representation at TI.
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