finishes yet another DPC season undefeated

By Jack VioletMay 18, 2021
After another dominant performance in the Eastern European DPC, finishes yet another season undefeated. The squad has secured $30,000, a direct invite to the Major playoffs, and 500 DPC points, which secures them an invite to The International 10.

First and second place secured

VP was able to take down Team Spirit in a tight three game series. VP drafted Tiny for carry player Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko and Morphling for mid player Danil "gpk" Skutin in both games one and two and saw mixed results. In game one, Tiny was able to create plenty of chaos for Morphling to clean up the enemy, and gpk finished the game with zero deaths. Team Spirit figured VP out in game two and VP had no answers to Spirit’s incredibly mobile lineup, fueled by Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek’s Void Spirit, who finished 9/1/14.
VP switched things up in the deciding game, drafting a team centered around Faceless Void. The game was in Spirit’s hands as they pushed up high ground with a 10k gold lead. However, one deep dive under the tier four towers and some greedy buybacks threw away their entire advantage. VP retaliated against the dives with a quick buyback from gpk’s Invoker and heavily punished Spirit. VP was able to quickly evaporate Spirit’s lead and took the victory in game three and the series.
With a seventh and final victory against Winstrike Team, VP secured an undefeated season. Team Spirit has secured second place and an invite to the Major group stage. Team Spirit will need to perform incredibly well at this Major if they hope to earn a direct invite to TI.

Unique’s upset against Na’Vi

Natus Vincere looked to have third place and the Wild Card slot secured as they were heavily favored against their remaining opponents. But in their series against Team Unique, Na’Vi’s performance was rather questionable. The team itemized incredibly poorly throughout the series, especially in game three. Alik "V-Tune" Vorobey built a Bloodthorn against a Lifestealer who could purge the effects with Satanic as well as a Mjollnir which deals magic damage Lifestealer doesn’t care about. Vladimir "RodjER" Nikogosian also picked up a second item Armlet… on Enchantress. Unique kept calm and level headed, and were able to defeat Na’Vi 2-1.
Brian "BSJ" Canavan had some choice words for Na’Vi, saying “I’ve never been happier to see a team lose that should have won”.

Potential for tiebreakers

With this loss, Na’Vi has put their shot at the Major in jeopardy. They are currently tied at 3-3 with Unique and AS Monaco Gambit. Unique and ASM Gambit will play against one another for their final series, putting the winner of this series at a record of 4-3 and in third place. Na’Vi’s last series is against PuckChamp. Although they’re the favorite going into the series, if they play how they did against Unique there’s potential for another upset. If Na’Vi wins, they’ll play the winner of ASM Gambit and Unique in a tiebreak to go to the Major, while PuckChamp will play a tiebreaker against Winstrike to avoid relegation. Na’Vi desperately needs DPC points after withdrawing from the last Major.
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