Quincy Crew vs. Evil Geniuses; What happens next?

By Tom CockramMay 17, 2021
The most anticipated series of the DPC’s North American Upper Division, Quincy Crew versus Evil Geniuses, finally happened. And boy, it didn’t disappoint with the series requiring three games to settle the debate.

Quincy Crew vs. Evil Geniuses

Medusa was easily the carry of the series as both teams enjoyed the strength of the snake lady, with EG winning with Medusa first game and then QC winning with her in the second game. Despite her popularity in both this series and the overall DPC, she was banned as the 13th banned hero by Quincy Crew. While Medusa is a strong hero, she can leave herself open to counters such as Anti-Mage or any Diffusal Blade carry.
The big moment of the series came right at the end of game two when Abed Azel L. Yusop tossed Yawar "YawaR" Hassan’s Medusa into the air, who immediately bought back then appeared in the middle of the fight where he was originally tossed. The toss effectively gave him a Boots of Travel Level 2 without having to buy it or have the teleport time. When this fight started, Quincy Crew were up 11k gold, so it’s fair to say that they were winning but having your carry die and buyback and be immediately back into the fight because something the enemy did is not fair.
The bug has been around for a while now, and Valve doesn’t seem to want to fix it. Dotabuff tweeted about the bug in January 2019, and two years on, it is still a “feature“ within the game.

But what happens now for Evil Geniuses?

Quincy Crew took the series after losing the first game and are positioned once again to take first in the North American Upper Divison.
Deja vu? Well, this is the exact scenario Quincy Crew found themselves in last season when they beat EG. Again they will be playing Undying to crown themselves the North American champions. Could Undying deny QC a second time around for the title?
It boils down to this. If Quincy Crew wins the series, they’ll win the league and go to the Major Playoffs, with Evil Geniuses coming in second and qualifying for the group stage. If, however, Undying can beat Quincy Crew, which they did last season, then yet again, we will have three-way tie-breakers between Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying.
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