Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew and Undying, who can claim the Major spots?

By Tom CockramMay 12, 2021
The North American Upper Divison is entering its final few weeks, and things are still open. Again, we find ourselves looking at three teams for the Major spots. Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying, are all unbeaten and have yet to play each other.
In the fifth week of the 2021 DPC's second season, we will see EG face Undying and Quincy Crew, and in the sixth, we will see Quincy Crew versus Undying.

The top NA teams

The first matchup of this interesting trio will see Undying face Evil Geniuses on May 13. Whoever wins this will have potentially sealed their spot at the major, assuming that the team they beat then loses again. For example, if Undying beat Evil Geniuses and then Quincy Crew beat Evil Geniuses, the final game of the season Undying vs. Quincy Crew will decide the first and second invite slots to the Major. However, we could again see tiebreakers between these three teams if they each win and lose a series.
Looking at the three teams remaining, it’s clear that EG are the favorites to win the league. The team seemed to go from strength to strength during the season as they started it out, dropping a game to 4 Zoomers and then ended it with a second-place at the Singapore Major.
Quincy Crew would be the next favorites based on last season and their extensive history of being the second-best team in the region. However, Undying has now had a whole season to prepare themselves and train together. Undying was a brand new team put together to compete in this year’s competitive circuit. In contrast, QC was a team that had already spent years together, meaning the last season Undying should have learned a lot about playing together and the strategies they want.

Facing relegation

At the bottom of the group stage, things don’t look so great for The Cut and Sadboys. The Cut has now played all of their games and failed to win a single series or game. Sadboys are not eliminated just yet with a score of 1-5, but if they lose another series and get to the 6th lose, they’re out.
However, Sadboys only has one more series to play, and it’s against Quincy Crew, so it seems unlikely they’ll win. And even if they do win, they’ll have to hope that either Black N Yellow or 4 Zoomers lose both their remaining series to tie their score with Sadboys and force tiebreakers. For a team stacked with talent, including The International 5 winner Clinton "Fear" Loomis and finalist at The International 2016 with David "Moo" Hull, this has got to be a big blow to potentially not even keep their Upper Divison status.
The new few weeks are going to be the most important for the North American Upper Division. Who will claim the Major spots, and will Sadboys be able to claw their way back to keep their Upper Divison status?
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