A fitting end to the SEA DPC 2021 Season 2

By ElevatedMay 11, 2021
Only two weeks remain in the second season of the Dota Pro Circuit, and the waters remain as murky as ever in the Southeast Asian region. Six of the eight teams are within striking distance of the three Major slots. The revamped TNC Predator squad controls their own destiny and should be a lock for the Major as the current number one seed. Though they still have to play Fnatic, they also will face the winless Lilgun team and currently sit at 4-1.


Speaking of Fnatic, they currently hold the second seed in the league but have a much bumpier road ahead. Despite holding a 3-1 record, Fnatic have three remaining series to play where they will face T1, OB Neon and TNC. Fnatic have yet to look particularly impressive in season two so they will be a team to watch closely over the next two weeks.
Three other teams currently have three victories. Both BOOM Esports (3-3) and Execration (3-3) need to win their final series but will also need a bit of outside help to qualify. Luckily for fans of these teams they play the two bottom seeds in Omega Esports and Lilgun respectively. Even with a win, it’s more likely the BOOM and Execration will find themselves in tiebreakers if they hope to make the Major.


T1 currently hold the third seed in the league, where they finished in season one. They, like Fnatic and TNC control their destiny with only two matches left to play. Unfortunately for T1, they will still need to earn their ticket to the Major by beating either Fnatic or OB Neon in their last two contests. T1 have been consistently improving since the beginning of season two so momentum is on their side. It is still entirely possible though that they will need to play tiebreakers to keep their Major hopes alive.


OB Neon were one of the great storylines at the Singapore Major. Their unique playstyle has persisted even with their full roster in season two. Currently sitting at 2-2, OB Neon are on the outside looking in from sixth place. However, they are in a powerful position to not only decide their fate but also the fates of many other teams. OB Neon has three remaining series to play. One versus Lilgun that they should win, one against Fnatic that could pull them into a multi-way tie and the final match of the season against T1 which could determine the final standings for both teams and several others as well.
As expected from a region as hotly contested as SEA, the final two weeks are looking spicy. We likely won’t know the full picture until the very last day of play.
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