DPC Week 5: Face-offs to look out for

By Jack VioletMay 11, 2021
With only two weeks left in the Dota Pro Circuit, the stakes of the remaining series are higher than ever. A single series this week could decide whether a team must face relegation or can secure their ticket to the next Major. Because we are in the latter half of the season, these series will feature the highest caliber teams going head-to-head.
Here are three top matches that you won’t want to miss in Week 5:

Virtus.pro vs. Team Spirit

Though these teams have both obtained a place at the Major, securing a playoff spot is vastly different from securing a Group Stage or Wild Card. The titans of the Eastern European region, both VP and Spirit are undefeated, sitting at 5-0. The winner of this series will be almost guaranteed first place in the region. This is a vital match and definitely the most important of the season for this region.
The mid matchup of this series will be one to look out for. Danil "gpk" Skutin has shown time and time again why he is one of the best mid players in the world. Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek has steadily improved since he was first seen on Yellow Submarine and has quickly risen to be one of the top mid players in both Western and Eastern Europe. Both players share a similar hero pool and playstyle, excelling on explosive mobile mid heroes such as Puck, Storm Spirit, and Void Spirit. First place is on the line for these two teams.

OG vs. Nigma

One of the closer regions in terms of standings, no team has secured their spot yet in Western Europe. The TI9 rematch we’ve seen many times, OG and Team Nigma have something to prove after their performances last season. OG fell just short of attending the last Major after dropping a tiebreaker to Team Liquid, and Nigma had an abysmal performance in the Major Wild Card. These two teams are currently tied for third, sitting at a score of 3-2. Both of these teams desperately need DPC points in order to avoid the TI qualifiers.
Throughout 2020 and 2021, Nigma has not had great success against OG. Over the existence of Nigma, they are 9-19 overall against OG. Both teams made significant roster changes this season, with OG bringing back Anathan "ana" Pham, and Nigma bringing in carry player Igor "iLTW" Filatov and moving Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi to mid. Will this new roster change be enough for Nigma to take on OG’s unpredictable drafts and fend off ana from their fountain?

Evil Geniuses vs. Quincy Crew

The North American DPC has found itself in the exact same position that it was in last season with EG, Quincy Crew, and Undying all contesting each other for the two Major spots that NA has to offer. With the immense gap in skill between these teams and the rest of the region, there has been very little stress on them for the majority of the season but it’s crunch time in these last two weeks.
EG has a challenging Week 5 as they must face Quincy Crew and Undying. Last season, QC was able to take down EG in the round robin but then dropped to them in the tiebreaker, which allowed EG to claim first and QC to claim second. With their second-place finish at the Singapore Major, EG will certainly be attending TI. QC, on the other hand, needs a strong placement at this Major in hopes of avoiding the qualifier. There’s only one TI qualification spot for each region, so a qualifier featuring both Quincy Crew and Undying could be stressful.
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