Career retrospective: inYourdreaM

By Kenneth UtamaJune 19, 2020
Over the years, we have seen Dota 2 grow as a global game. There are players from every corner of the world. The International 9 last year featured players from 30+ different countries. One underrepresented country in the professional scene is Indonesia. This country has one of the largest player counts in the Southeast Asian region. As recently as 2016, they boasted approximately 600,000 active players. The lack of esports infrastructure in the country may be a limiting factor for the development of professional players. However, as an Indonesian myself, there is one player in particular on whom I want to stake my claim. His name is Muhammad "inYourdreaM" Rizky.

Dota 2 origin story

InYourdreaM started playing Dota 2 in 2014 when a friend introduced him to the game, according to an interview with He started playing in the mid position, though he has also filled the support role.
Most well-known for his Templar Assassin, Magnus, and Invoker play, inYourdreaM has dominated Southeast Asian pubs for years with his "carry from mid" playstyle. The style is a callback to back when Artour "Arteezy" Babaev used to play mid. InYourdreaM typically takes up most of the farm on the map. Still, as he is playing with Galvin "Meracle" Kang Jian Wen right now, a very farm-oriented carry, inYourdreaM typically splits his time between farming and making space for his team from the mid position. He used to be a typical farm-heavy midlaner but has expanded his gameplay to be more team-oriented than before.

Professional start

An extremely talented player, it only took inYourdreaM three years to be the first player to get 9k MMR while playing exclusively on the Southeast Asian server. That happened on April 27, 2017. Ever since getting 9k, he has been invited to several Southeast Asian teams. He's done very well with most of the teams that he had played with.
InYourdreaM got his professional start playing for Fnatic in early 2017, joining a promising roster that included veteran players Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung and Kim "Febby" Yong-Min. He had to leave the team almost immediately due to family issues.
His first real success was with the Indonesian esports organization BOOM Esports. The wholly Indonesian squad won the two tournaments that they did join, the Indonesia Games Championship and the Indonesia Pride Gaming League—sweeping both finals in dominant 2:0 fashion.
InYourdreaM won DreamLeague Season 10 with TNC Tigers. Image from
InYourdreaM won DreamLeague Season 10 with TNC Tigers. Image from
InYourdreaM's next foray into the competitive scene was with TNC Tigers, a team led by captain Theeban "1437" Siva. Playing under an experienced captain, the team was able to win the ANGGAME China vs. SEA online final and most notably the DreamLeague Season 10 finals against notable team, Natus Vincere in April 2018.

Joining T1

Most of inYourdreaM's 2019 was spent again on BOOM Esports with an entirely Indonesian team, where they won the ESL Indonesia championship season 2. He then joined his current team, which is T1, a renowned organization in Korea that made its name in the League of Legends scene that is most known for having Faker on their team. Notable players on the team are Meracle, a well-known SEA carry player and Naga Siren player; Lee "Forev" Sang-Don who used to be part of the all Korean team MVP Phoenix; and another Indonesian support player known as Tri "Jhocam" Kuncoro. The T1 squad has recently won the SEA dota Invitational 2020 and seems to be on a tear in the Southeast Asian region.
Image from
Image from
At only 22 years old, inYourdreaM currently holds the third position on the SEA ranked leaderboard at the time of publication.
With so much time left in his career and his consistency in being at the top of the pack in terms of MMR, it would be no surprise to me that inYourdreaM will be a notable player to look out for in future tournaments.
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