TrackDota Team Tier List - August 2020

By TrackDota TeamAugust 4, 2020
Here at TrackDota, we understand the importance of a good tier list. Maybe everyone knows who the best team in the world is (or seems to be), but what about the teams just below? Which teams are about to break into the top tiers?
We took a look at recent performances, consistency, and the "upset factor" to determine which teams belong in which of TrackDota's competitive tiers.
We've got your answers below, alphabetized by tier:

TrackDota Tier 2

Competitive teams. Sometimes, they show flashes of potential. These teams have something to prove. Maybe we haven't seen enough of them lately to have a strong sense of their skill.

TrackDota Tier 1.5

Excellent. Competitive. These teams finish in the middle of the pack at tournaments. They could certainly upset a higher-tier team, and dabble in the top placements at an event, but their consistency hasn't yet pushed them into the top tiers.

TrackDota Tier 1

(Nearly) Top-tier talent, these teams can defeat anyone, though the S-Tier teams are a challenge. Standing atop their regions, these teams command respect. No one looks forward to an elimination series versus a Tier 1 team.


The nearly-unbeatable teams. The world's finest. Anything less than grand finals results are a disappointment for these rosters.
Team Secret takes top marks as the world's best.
Agree with us? Disagree?
Let us know on Twitter and come back next month to see how the tier list shakes up for September!
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