Invictus Gaming win Singapore Major

By Matt DixonApril 4, 2021
Invictus Gaming are the first Major champions of the season. After an intense best-of-five against Evil Geniuses, IG became the winners of the first international Dota event in over a year. As well as taking home $200,000, IG claim a far more valuable 500 DPC points. Combined with the 500 points they earned from winning the Chinese regional league, IG are now well and truly at the top of the DPC and the closest team to securing a place at The International.
IG and EG met much earlier than the grand final; in just round two of the upper bracket EG destroyed IG 2-0, sending them down to the lower bracket where several serious competitors awaited. It was at this point that IG engaged their inner champions.
Their first lower bracket series was against Thunder Predator, who had recently become a fan favorite after their surprise domination of the group stage. IG swiftly dispatched them before moving on to a truly terrifying opponent; Team Secret, the worldwide favorites to win the Major. Even so, IG sent Secret home with less challenge than Thunder Predator had offered.
After a much more challenging lower bracket final against LGD, IG earned their right to a rematch against EG in the grand final. The series looked like it would go to EG once more as they took games one and two – however, IG pulled out the dream comeback and swept the remaining three games amongst a flurry of Rapiers, question marks, and empty Black Holes.
Even though they didn’t win the event, EG have now dispelled many doubts about their abilities. Last year was largely a write-off for them as their two new members spent much of the year trapped in different regions. However, they began this season by taking the North American regional league by storm. Even so, many doubted the ability of the team, believing that victory in NA didn’t count for as much as a victory in the likes of Europe or China. Against all the doubts, EG both held their own and excelled against some of the world’s finest teams – maybe NA Dota isn’t dead just yet.
We have a short break in the DPC before the second regional league begins. This league and its associated Major are the final stretch for teams to lock in a safe invite to the major. Those who don’t make the cut this season will find themselves at the mercy of regional qualifiers. We’ll be covering all the action right here.
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