Vikin.gg are your EPIC League Season 3 Champs

By Jack VioletMarch 22, 2021
Vikin.gg have achieved first place at EPIC League Season 3 after taking down Team Spirit, 31. This is the Vikin's first tournament of 2021 (outside of the DPC), and they will take home a grand prize of $20,000.
This series allowed Vikin.gg to finally extact vengeance on Team Spirit. Prior to this series, Vikin.gg had never taken a game off of Spirit. Earlier in the tournament, Spirit defeated Vikin.gg and knocked them to the lower bracket. Vikin.gg didn’t let this deter them and defeated High Coast Esports to make their way to the grand final.
Spirit had a very dominant game one and things looked to be a repeat of the two’s previous meetings. However, Vikin.gg was determined to turn the tides. The following three maps would be one-sided in Vikin.gg’s favor, so far as to limit Spirit to a single kill in game two. Through incredible team coordination and playmaking, Vikin.gg swiftly took the series.
This was a much-needed victory for Vikin.gg. Their recent performances have been rather lackluster as they’ve dropped down to the DPC Europe Lower Division and were unable to claim first in Snow Sweet Snow #2. This victory will hopefully give them the confidence to dominate the Lower Division when the second season of the 2021 DPC begins in a few weeks.
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