Hellbear Smashers withdraw from EPIC League Season 3

By Jack VioletMarch 15, 2021
On March 15, Hellbear Smashers withdrew from EPIC League's Division 2. The reason for their withdrawal has not yet been stated.
The team played in the Swiss-format group stage and had failed to qualify for Division 1 after playing five series. The format for playoffs was a regular double elimination playoffs, running from March 15 to March 21. The substantial difference is that the prize pool for Division 1 is 80,000 USD, while Division 2 is $15,000.
Heallbear Smashers had just won the Snow Sweet Snow tournament #2, so they were a sure favorite for this division. They were to play PuckChamp on the 15th but withdrew from the tournament that morning. Because the team withdrew on such short notice, PuckChamp will advance in the upper bracket while EXTREMUM, who were supposed to play the loser of Hellbear Smashers and PuckChamp, will advance in the lower bracket and the spot will remain empty. This is very unfortunate as many teams from the qualifiers would’ve loved to take this spot.
Catch the next EPIC League series between Dota Team and HellRaisers on March 16 at noon EST / 9 a.m PST. Stay updated with our event hub!
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