Bok and Boomy move from Omega to TNC

By Chelsea JackMarch 5, 2021
Omega Esports announced earlier today that they've parted ways with Jun "Bok" Kanehara and Marvin "Boomy" Rushton. This was followed shortly by TNC Predator announcing they have added Bok and Boomy to their Dota 2 team.
Bok is an offlaner who has floated around Southeast Asia since 2015. Boomy has competed since 2013, as a support player. He will fill the position five role on TNC. The two have competed together more often than not over the last several years.
Omega Esports picked up their all-Filipino squad on December 4, 2020. They qualified for and competed in the Lower Division of the Southeast Asian DPC through January and February. The team placed second with a 5-2 record and will move up to the Upper Division for season 2.
Bok and Boomy will join TNC, also competing in the Upper Division. TNC placed fourth in the Upper Division, short of being able to compete in the Singapore Major.
The roster shuffle period continues as teams (and players) try to position themselves as strongly as possible to compete in the second season of the DPC. This will their last opportunity to qualify for a Major and earn critical DPC points that will send them directly to The International 10, whenever it takes place.
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