Ppd leaves Sadboys

By Chelsea JackMarch 3, 2021
Today, March 2, Peter "ppd" Dager tweeted that he is no longer on Sadboys.
In the tweet, he says, "Officially out of the team. Not sure if I'll be competing in season 2. Hopefully I can do some more casting. Appreciate the support".
The North American Dota 2 team formed on December 4, 2020, in time for the first season of the 2021 DPC. The squad placed third in BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas. The first season of the 2021 DPC saw the team struggle a little, with a 2-5 series record. They finished in fifth place after playing out a three-way tiebreaker with A-Team and Black N Yellow to determine which of the three teams would be relegated to the Lower Division for the second season.
Ppd's had a long Dota 2 career, with captaining Evil Geniuses to the Aegis at The International 2015 as a highlight. In recent years, he's popped in and out of retirement, streaming and casting when he's not competing. He's a welcome addition to any analyst panel as his experiences as a professional player and his well-earned reputation as one of the best drafters in Dota 2 history give him a uniquely informed perspective of the game.
The second season of the DPC 2021 is scheduled to start shortly after the Singapore Major, which ends on April 4. This leaves ppd some time to find a new team, and we also anticipate additional rosters changes across teams globally between now and then.
Meanwhile, Sadboys is scheduled to compete on March 5 in BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas. Whether the team will have a new position five-captain by then or a stand-in is unclear.
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