Evil Geniuses place at top of NA after short stumble

By Tom CockramMarch 2, 2021
The first season of the new Dota Pro Circuit is over in North America, and once again, at the top of the group is Evil Geniuses. However, things took a little longer to work themselves out as both ends of the division needed tiebreakers to split the teams.

The Major tiebreakers

In week five of the season, Evil Geniuses lost to Quincy Crew 1-2, putting QC at the top of the groups with an excellent chance to win the group. However, on the last match of the regular season, Undying beat Quincy Crew with Undying losing to EG earlier in the season it put Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying all at a score of 6-1. Tiebreakers it was!
Things went back to normal in the tiebreakers, though, with EG beating both Undying and Quincy Crew in a best-of-one to claim the top spot in the region and guarantee themselves a place in the playoffs at the Major.
That left Quincy Crew and Undying in a best-of-one for the last North American spot at the Major. While Quincy Crew took a huge lead in the game and, under normal circumstances, would have cleanly seen this game out, some obvious nerves were coming from the team. At one point, Undying forced a buyback from Quincy Crew, who had a lead of 17k gold.

Fighting for their lives

While teams were fighting for a place at the Major, Sadboys, Black N Yellow, and A-Team found themselves fighting to stay in the region, with all three of the teams ending the regular season with a score of 2-5. A-Team started the tiebreaker, losing to Black N Yellow, and then both Black N Yellow and A-Team lost to Sadboys, which sent A-Team to the lower division and leaves Sadboys and Black N Yellow to fight another day. With simply TOOBASED not losing a single series in the lower division the remaining teams will have to sharpen up if they want a better placing next season.

Taking stock

While the predictions in our North America power rankings were accurate, there were a few surprises in there, and we required two sets of tiebreakers to get there. Undying proved a much harder challenge for both Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses than predicated. If the team sticks together and can continue improving, we could easily have another good fight on our hands. SadBoys looked weaker than predicted and just about kept their upper-division season going, and with two International winners, this can’t be where they’d hope to end up.
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