Team Liquid came out on top of EU’s double tiebreakers

By Matt DixonMarch 1, 2021
The European Upper Division DPC league has finally concluded – for real, this time.
Last time, we saw ourselves waiting on a three-way tiebreaker to decide who between OG, Team Liquid and Tundra Esports would get the final wildcard spot at the Singapore Major. Team Secret had secured their first-place playoff spot weeks ago, joined shortly after by Alliance who claimed second place and a group stage spot at the Major. Nigma took third place and the first of two Wildcard spots. Finally, fourth place was down to a tiebreaker of three teams who are matched more closely than you might think.
Our three tiebreaker teams have of course met before in the regional league. In these meetings, OG beat Tundra Esports, Tundra beat Liquid, and Liquid beat OG, so by no means were we expecting a clear winner before the games started. Liquid opened up the tiebreakers with a strat we haven’t seen in quite some time: the classic Oracle and Huskar combo. Even though Huskar has fallen far out of favor in the meta, Liquid pulled off the cheese-strat perfectly and walked over OG, even overcoming a rare showing of Johan “Notail” Sundstein’s world-class Io.
OG were soon able to make it up in their game against Tundra — followed by Tundra themselves taking a game back from Liquid, leaving our tiebreakers all tied up again like some kind of esports rock-paper-scissors. This called for another round of tiebreakers, to break the tiebreaker ties.
The pattern quickly began to play out anew, with Liquid beating OG again, however, OG cheesed themselves into a loss, taking the offlane-Alch strat to its extreme and forcing it farther down the pecking order to a position four. In theory, it looked good – an Aghanim’s Scepter for their Luna and Pango could really do some work. However, their aggro tri-lane of Luna, Alchemist and Enchantress crumbled horribly and Liquid rolled over OG even faster than with their Huskar draft.
As expected, OG defeated Tundra once again, leaving us just a game away from the cycle completing itself once more. However, Liquid were finally able to break the pattern and overcame Tundra thanks to a stunning Storm Spirit performance by Max "qojqva" Bröcker.
Liquid now join Secret, Alliance and Nigma at the major, finally concluding the EU regional league for certain. They will fight amongst the best teams from every region at the end of March! The only remaining spots to be decided are from China’s division – see who makes it using our event hub!
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