EU DPC: Tiebreakers to decide the final Major slot

By Matt DixonFebruary 24, 2021
After six weeks, the DPC’s European Upper Division has come to an end… mostly. We knew Team Secret had confirmed their first place spot already and, after this week’s games, they are joined by Alliance and Nigma. However, the final EU slot is yet to be decided.
Let’s recap what happened and see what lies ahead for the final wildcard slot to be claimed in the EU region.

OG versus Team Secret

The grand meeting of OG versus Secret was something fans have looked forward to for the whole season — it seems fitting it would be the final scheduled matchup of the league and it certainly didn’t disappoint.
Each team took a turn to stomp the other, leaving us with just game three to decide the fate of several teams. That game was truly a spectacle to hold – it appeared that Secret were pulling far ahead and set to take the game before OG pulled of a spectacular turnaround, fending off Secret and destroying two lanes of rax. However, the might of Secret’s cores ensured the game went their way, with Lasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen and Michał "Nisha" Jankowski racking up an absurd 50 kills between them to secure the victory. Let’s hope the cores in our pubs can emulate those KDA’s!
Not only did Secret show us some amazing games, but they have left us with the gift of a tense three-team tiebreaker to decide the final Singapore Major wildcard slot.
As a result of the final series, OG, Tundra Esports, and Team Liquid will now compete in three best-of-ones this Sunday, February 28, to secure a final place at the Major. The three teams have all met before in the league, and each team has defeated another in this trio. It’s easy to say OG are the favorite, but in a best-of-one, anything is possible. With so much on the line, you can expect all of these teams to go all out.

Alliance versus Team Liquid

The other critical series we saw this week was between Alliance and Liquid. A win for Alliance saw them lock in second place in the Division and a group stage slot for the Major. A lot rode on this series; a win for Liquid would have brought about another layer of tiebreakers, this time between Alliance, Liquid, and Nigma which would have denied OG any chance of making it to the Major even before their final series against Secret!
Thankfully for Alliance and OG fans alike, Alliance managed to claw back a grim looking game three with a huge teamfight that let Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov tear through Liquid with a double damage rune. After that, there was no stopping the momentum of Alliance and Liquid resigned themselves to the tiebreakers.
At the other end of the league, we sadly see two teams who will be relegated to the lower division next season. and High Coast Esports didn’t make the cut to remain in the upper division, both facing a tough season against some of the strongest teams in the world. However, their replacements are yet to be decided, as the lower division is also locked up in tiebreakers – this time, the top three places are all tied. Brame, Creepwave, and Hellbear Smashers will go through a three-way best-of-one tiebreaker to decide which two will enter the Upper Division next season.
In the final stages of the regional league, it’s shocking how much impact a single series can have on so many teams! The rest of the regions are not far behind EU’s schedule – the final games across the world of Dota will be playing out shortly and we’re likely to see even more high-stakes games and close tiebreakers before we see the remaining Major contestants confirmed. You can keep up with all the regions final games using our event hub.
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