Three big series left in South America Upper Division DPC

By Chelsea JackFebruary 24, 2021
With the 2021 DPC's first season coming to a close over the next few days (pending tiebreakers), South America's Upper Division has a pair of really important matches coming up that will determine which teams head to the Singapore Major and which stay home.
But first up? A series in which the loser will be relegated to the Lower Division.

Infamous versus EgoBoys

Getting underway later today, February 24, Infamous versus EgoBoys will decide which of the teams remains in the Upper Division and which heads to the Lower Division.
Both teams have a 2-4 series record in the Division. Infamous beat Thunder Predator in week one and last-place team Latam Defenders in week five. EgoBoys lost to Latam Defenders, which is concerning that was back in week one. More recently, they beat NoPing e-sports and SG e-sports in weeks two and four, respectively. They also qualified for the Upper Division, rather than being direct invited. Can they hold on to the Upper DivisioN/
Obviously no team wants to be in the position to be relegated, but at least they have the agency to control their fate at this stage. Teams in the Lower Division for the second season will have no chance of qualifying for The International 10 on the basis of DPC points. To keep the dream of avoiding a qualifier alive, a win here is critical.

Thunder Predator versus Latam Defenders

Thunder Predator are currently sitting on the cusp of qualifying for the Major. They're sitting with 4-2 record, tied with SG e-sports, and a win, giving them a 5-2 would ensure they, at the least, play tiebreakers for the Major. A loss puts them at 4-3, and then their fate lies in the final series in the region. No one wants that, right?
Latam Defenders have placed last in the region's Upper Division. They could play spoiler to Thunder Predator's Major dreams.
There's the biggest gap between these two teams in terms of ranking compared to the teams in the other two series, but that doesn't guarantee anything. Thunder Predator have had some surprising losses over the last few months, and while their performance in recent weeks has been strong, we assume nothing!
This series takes place today, February 24, and that will leave just one more regular season series:

beastcoast versus SG e-sports

The final series in the region, beastcoast versus SG e-sports sees the top team in the region face-off against one of the most competitive challengers in South America. Beastcoast's record of 5-1 isn't insurmountable. They had been undefeated in four weeks, losing finally to NoPing e-sports in week five. While BC may be considered the top team in the region, and certainly had dominated qualifiers pre-pandemic, they could be vulnerable here.
SG e-sports are sitting at 4-2, tied with Thunder Predator. This is where it gets complicated, so please bear with me as we work through the different options:

SG e-sports beat beastcoast

If SG e-sports beat beastcoast, they'll tie them with a 5-2 record. That ensures at least a tiebreaker played between them.
In that case, if Thunder Predator win their series, that gives us a three-way tie for the Major, giving us some tiebreakers; if Thunder Predator loses, then SG e-sports and beastcoast both head to the Major and will play a tiebreaker to determine who has to go through the group stage versus who goes directly to the playoffs.

beastcoast beats SG e-sports

SG will surely be watching the Thunder Predator series today closely as if Thunder Predator does win, SG e-sports will also need to win or their Major dreams are over. If beastcoast beat them and Thunder Predator loses, that puts SG e-sports, Thunder Predator, and NoPing e-sports at 4-3. Yes, that means more tiebreakers, in this case for the group stage spot.
Either way, you can catch this last match on February 26!
Though not having the week five and six schedules available until the end of week four may have been frustrating at times, it did allow the tournament organizers to ensure we ended each region with the most hype matches possible. With so many different results possible, affecting both relegation and the Major spots, you do NOT want to miss any of the SA action coming your way over the next few days.
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