Two teams DQ'd from Lower Division DPC in North and South America

By Chelsea JackFebruary 20, 2021
Two teams have been disqualified from the Lower Division of the DPC. This time, the teams hail from North and South America. Jiang Hu was removed from the North American Division for having to forfeit a second time. Two forfeits result in a team being withdrawn from the DPC. In South America, Team 0-900 has been disqualified due to a player from the team betting on DPC matches.
Jiang Hu had lost all five of their played series before their disqualification for failing to field a roster for the second time. They had two series remaining on the schedule. Their results have now been forfeited.
In the Lower Division of North America, simply TOOBASED have already earned the top spot in the region, having won all seven of their series (their final one being one of the Jiang Hu forfeits). Four teams sit within striking distance of the second spot, putting significant weight on the final five series to play out over the next week. The final elimination spot is currently left to Electronic Boys and Byzantine Raiders. EB have a 1-4 record, while BR have a 1-5 record. The two will play each other in the last series of the season. Two scenarios can play out here - if EB beat Arkosh Gaming in their series later today, the best BR can hope for is to force a tie by being EB in that final series. In that case, they'll go to tiebreakers. If EB lose in their game versus Arkosh Gaming, whoever wins that final series will remain in the DPC (and collect $7,000 US).
In South America, Team 0-900 has been disqualified due to allegations that a player on the team has been betting on DPC matches. On the matter, OGA Dota PIT says, "The integrity of our tournaments is of paramount importance to us. Prohibited activities such as betting on matches is both undermining to that integrity and wholly unacceptable."
Team 0-900 had a record of 4-1 in their five completed series, which had put them in a strong tie for second-place in the region. Due to the disqualification, these matches have been converted to forfeits. The bottom of the South American Lower Division is now set, with Mad Kings being eliminated, and Inverse and Crewmates taking the sixth and fifth places respectively.
As the season comes to a close, teams that are facing elimination from the Lower Division will receive zero dollars from the DPC prize pool. The seventh and eighth place spots in the Lower Division are awarded $0, which may be a disincentive for some players to complete their remaining matches. While we expect most teams and players will want to fulfill their commitment to the DPC season, we would not be surprised to hear of other teams failing to show up for their last series or two.
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