Don't miss these games in the North American Division

By Tom CockramFebruary 18, 2021
The North American Upper Division of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) has provided a closer fight than originally thought with Team Undying only losing so far to Evil Geniuses, and both Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew going undefeated — so far. Only two teams can qualify for the Major so one of these three will find themselves severely disappointed. The final two weeks of this season will have some spicy games.

Quincy Crew vs. Evil Geniuses

Today, the two giants of North American face off against each other to claim the top spot for North America. Both teams are undefeated and whoever wins this series will put themselves in a great position to claim first place in the group stage. The difference between first and second is massive as the first place gets straight into the Major playoffs and second place will have to battle through the Major group stage.
While Evil Geniuses have lost two games and Quincy Crew only one in the DPC, EG has edged out the historical head-to-head with four wins over Quincy Crew's three in the seven games the teams have faced each other. We haven’t seen a Quincy Crew vs. EG match up in a while now, and EG has themselves a slightly different squad which makes the series really interesting.

Quincy Crew vs. Undying

As the last series of the whole season for North America, this could decide the fate of these teams, either sending them to the Major or sending them to a disappointing third place. The series takes place on February 25. For Undying, this is a must-win series as they lost to Evil Geniuses and will require Quincy Crew to lose at least once and then beat them in their series to qualify over them. Assuming Undying doesn’t lose to 4 Zoomers and Quincy Crew don’t lose to in their other remaining series to play, this matchup will be the single most important series that Undying play in the Division.

Photo finish

We could end up with an exciting finish depending on the results today. Undying need to win all of their games if they want to qualify. Even then they will require Evil Geniuses to beat Quincy Crew and put QC with one loss which sets Undying to qualify if they then beat Quincy Crew in the final series of the event.
If Evil Geniuses beat Quincy Crew in their series later today, they will qualify for Major having won six series and only playing one more series against 5ManMidas, who are already eliminated from the Upper Division without winning a game. However, if EG lose to Quincy Crew, then they need to beat 5ManMidas to qualify for the Major.
Quincy Crew needs to beat either Evil Geniuses or Undying to qualify for the Major and not lose their other game to sadboys.
Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses are definitely in the best situation to qualify for the Major with their fate entirely in their own hands but Undying could still qualify with some results going their way.
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