Team Secret qualify for Major; Liquid face both relegation, qualification

By Matt DixonFebruary 17, 2021
This week, Team Secret locked in first place in the DPC's Europe Upper Division. This grants them a playoff spot at the Singapore Major, which will take place in March. Even though they still have their final series against OG to play next week, Secret's 6-0 record cannot be beaten by any other competitor in the region, giving them their golden ticket to a heap of DPC points.
With just two total games lost in the entire league (so far), Team Secret have remained in the dominant form that earned them an eight-tournament win streak last year. Without even seeing who they will face at the Major, they’re easily the favorite.
What about their final series against OG? Well, it’s unlikely we’ll see Secret take it easy. OG are still tough competition and a team known for pulling off incredible things when it counts — two factors Secret do not want to come up against in the Major finals. It’s in their best interest to beat OG down to reduce their chances of qualifying for the Major or at least forcing them into the group stage for a tougher journey.

Potential for relegation

Meanwhile, at the other end of the Division, three teams are fighting to avoid relegation. Currently, Vikin.gg, Tundra Esports, and Team Liquid are embroiled in a battle to secure their spots in the Upper Division. There are lots of different games and outcomes which will shape the outcome; we’ll look at the main factors each team relies on.
Team Liquid have two games left to play in the league. Losing both could see Liquid dropping into a relegation tiebreaker but winning could see them still making it to the Major.
Vikin.gg and Tundra will play their final series against each other. The winner will be safe; however, the loser may find themselves at the mercy of Team Liquid’s results.
As we enter the final two weeks of competition, every game becomes critical to deciding the outcome of the leagues. While some are aiming for the glory of making it to the Major, others are desperate just to remain in the Upper Division. Don’t miss a single result as we enter the finale of season one’s league, keep up using our event hub.
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