Burjui disqualified from Europe's Lower Division

By Jack VioletFebruary 17, 2021
DreamLeague announced today, February 17, that burjui has been disqualified from the European Lower Division of the DPC.
According to DreamLeague, the players of burjui had requested to replace one of their players from the original roster as they had exceeded the number of matches that a stand-in can be used. The team stated that this was for medical reasons, particularly COVID-19, and provided a positive test result as evidence. However, due to some contradictions provided by the team earlier in the season, DreamLeauge launched an investigation and found the document to be forged, resulting in immediate disqualification.
All of burjui’s results will be voided and their remaining series has been cancelled. Following the withdrawal of Meta4Pro yesterday, the six teams left are safe from elimination. Because these results are voided, there is now heavy contention for the top two spots as three teams reside with one loss. The top two teams will earn spots in the Upper Division, meaning the disqualification of burjui will have great importance in the placements of these teams.
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