SEA: DPC Season 1's Final Stretch

By ElevatedFebruary 15, 2021
The Upper Division DPC Southeast Asian region has played out relatively as expected with the exception of Neon’s fantastic performance. With Neon on top of the division, the four directly invited teams (Fnatic, TNC, T1, and BOOM) occupy second through fifth places. Despite this seemingly predictable setup, there is still plenty of intrigue as we head into the final two weeks of competition. There are only three slots to the Major, and all five of the aforementioned teams have realistic shots at qualifying. The structure of the Major itself also means that though Neon has pretty much punched their ticket, they would love to ensure a playoff invite by finishing strong instead of ending up in the wild card or groups.

Games of great importance

Both T1 and BOOM need to win their final two series to have a shot at the Major, and BOOM, in particular, need a lot of help from the other teams to make it. Both teams play weaker opponents in week five and should be able to take care of business to stay in the running. On February 18th, Neon and Fnatic face off in a series that could determine who ends up at the number one seed in SEA. Neon has looked like the best team in the region in a lot of their games but has also lost games against weaker opponents to go 2-1 in victory. Fnatic on the other hand has been pretty clean in their series other than the lone 1-2 loss to BOOM in week three.
Week six should be a fantastic close to the first season of the SEA DPC as Fnatic takes on TNC with likely a Major slot or at least Major seeding on the line. The following day, Neon and T1 will face off with similar stakes. It should be a fantastic close to the season and also give us a very clear picture of the power ranking of the teams heading into season two as well.
Of the top five teams in the division, BOOM has the smallest chance of making it to the Major but also the easiest remaining schedule by strength of opponent. Fnatic has the toughest final two games and could potentially fall all the way out of contention if TNC and T1 both win out. The most likely scenario will be that T1 and TNC will battle for the third Major slot and will need to beat the top two teams in Neon and Fnatic respectively to punch their ticket.


The final matches of season one also will mean a lot for the weaker teams in the Upper Division. 496 Gaming, Vice Esports, and Execration all have a 1-4 record as they battle to retain a spot in the Upper Division. Realistically, BOOM could also fall all the way down, but it would require all the 1-4 teams to win their matches to force that scenario. It’s hard to say who will lose their spot but week six’s match between Execration and 496 should be a true elimination match between two scrappy squads trying to keep their TI hopes alive.
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