“I enjoy the slower pace”: An interview with Tundra.Fata

By Kenneth WilliamsFebruary 8, 2021
The European Dota Pro Circuit is packed with star power, both in era-defining stacks like Team Secret and Nigma as well as less-established teams. Tundra Esports, formerly known as mudgolems, were one of the breakout stacks of the online era. Their wild upset over Team Secret at ESL One Germany ended the most dominant run of 2020 in style. Now with a new sponsor, they’re hard at work in the $205,000 Upper Division of the European DPC.
Central to the team’s success is Adrian "Fata" Trinks, the team’s captain and hard support. Fata’s impressive resume includes successful stints on Team Secret, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and The Alliance. TrackDota connected with the three-time Major finalist to learn more about Tundra, the pace of the DPC, and Patch 7.28.

TrackDota: Many Dota teams have powered through the online era without a sponsor, including yourselves. How happy are you to join Tundra and how are you finding it so far?
Fata: Joining Tundra has been a great experience for the team so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings.
Your victory against Team Secret at ESL One Germany is one of the most memorable moments of the online era. What was the atmosphere like during and after the upset?
We were all just super proud and happy to be able to beat Team Secret during their amazing online tournament run.
Related to that, the squad has done pretty well in the Upper Division of the European Dota Pro Circuit. Your match against OG was much closer than fans anticipated. How did you feel after the second game victory?
I think even beforehand we were confident that we are able to take games from any team in the EU division. The second game just reassured our ability to do so, unfortunately we were not able to secure the whole series.
What was the feeling in the camp after clean-sweeping Team Liquid?
After close 1:2 losses against OG and Secret we were quite glad to be able to beat Liquid in a convincing 2:0 and bring home some points!
The overall pace of the DPC is much slower compared to recent years. Does a full week between games affect how you prepare?
For now, I enjoy the slower pace quite a bit. It lets us schedule practice more clearly and lets us thoroughly prepare for the opponents. The matches themselves also feel more "special".
Now that it's had some time to settle, what do you think of Patch 7.28 and the new Aghanim’s Shards? Any favorites?
I enjoy the patch quite a lot as the previous one got pretty stale. The Shards add an interesting new aspect to the game but they clearly still need some balancing. I enjoy the Gyrocopter Shard a lot in my pubs. On my position 5 heroes, I rarely buy Agh’s Shards.
Hoodwink had a big impact on high-level matchmaking, though she isn’t available for play in Captain’s Mode yet. What are your thoughts on the new Hero?
After the initial nerfs I have barely seen that hero in pubs and even beforehand she did not seem as broken as some of the other new heroes added to the game.

Catch Fata and his squad in action against Alliance on February 9, 3 p.m. ET/noon PT.
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