Europe DPC: Relegation looms

By Matt DixonFebruary 7, 2021
As week 3 of the DPC concludes, we’re now at the halfway point. The European scoreboard is tense — six teams make up a close middle of the pack with scores ranging between 2-1 and 2-3. At the extremes, two teams sit undefeated or wholly defeated. Team Secret are, of course, the titans sitting undefeated with a 4-0 series record, resuming their dominance from last year. On the other end of the league, High Coast Esports have faced a rough three weeks and are yet to win a single series. With the rest of the league looking so close, who are the ones to watch? – not as bad as it looks

We began this season with high expectations and a lot of optimism for Many people even argued they were worthy of a direct invite to the Upper Division. Having seen them rapidly improve over the past year and pull off shocking upsets against the best teams, we really expected a strong showing from Their 1-2 start is disappointing — however, it’s not as bad as it looks if we consider the teams they’ve played.
Their first two series were against Team Liquid and Team Secret. Team Liquid are a close match, one have a solid chance of winning, but their defeat was certainly not shocking either. Their loss against Secret was also to be expected. Secret are simply the strongest team in the region, if not the world.'s following victory over Nigma came as quite a surprise, however. Not only are they one of the toughest opponents will face, but Nigma also beat every time they met in 2020. Having already dealt with their matchups against two of the top teams, have a run of mostly even or favorable matchups. Their next series against HCE should secure the team another win and a confidence boost before facing OG, the last of’s tough matchups.

High Coast Esports - doomed already

With just two series left in the league for HCE, things are looking grim. At this point, there is no chance they will make it to the major; it doesn’t even look possible that they can avoid relegation. To really make sure of that, their next two opponents are Team Secret and Nigma – the last teams anybody wants to face when fighting to stay in the upper bracket.
The rest of the region is too close to call at this point – but this week’s matches will most likely seal some fates – whether it's Team secret guaranteeing themselves a major slot or HCE qualifying for the Lower Division, the final weeks of the league will only get tenser. Keep up with all the matches using our event hub!
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