Trendy: Tundra Esports picks up mudgolems

By Chelsea JackJanuary 25, 2021
Tundra Esports is latest organization to pick up a Dota 2 team, as they've just announced the signing of the mudgolems roster.
Mudgolems, now Tundra, are competing in the Upper Division of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) in Europe. The team is comprised of:
In their first DPC series, the team went 1-2 versus Team Secret. Taking one game off the giants of the region is worthy of applause. They should be competitive in the middle of the European Upper Divsion — could the support of an organization provide them with an extra boost to be more competitive?
Tundra Esports was formed in London in 2019. They began with a FIFA team, which they continue to field. They recently announced a partnership with TikTok, indicating they will provide unique

New/old organizations

Tundra is not the first (nor will they be the last) organization to pick up a Dota 2 team now that the season's qualifiers have wrapped and the season is underway.
In CIS, Team Unique picked up the NoPangolier stack on January 17, ahead of the season's start. Prodigy acquired a Lower Division team, Team Generation, who made it to the DPC through an Open Qualifier.
In South America, Omega Gaming released their team to NoPing e-sports with a touching Facebook post on January 20, citing the players' need for access to more resources than Omega was able to provide.
There are still plenty of teams without sponsors, particularly in North America.

Why now?

So, why now? The DPC guarantees certain things, including a prize pool, regularly broadcasted competition, and a path to The International. While two of the eight teams in the Upper Division will be relegated to the Lower Division at the end of the season, the other six will continue to compete in the Upper Division for the next round of the DPC. That guarantees a team's branding will be plastered all over the Upper Division DPC broadcast for another six weeks of games later in the year.
With so many industries in a difficult place after a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of the DPC season in this new, online format could give professional Dota 2 the boost it needs. Several organizations had to leave the esport last year due to pandemic complications, and while we haven't seen any of those return yet, it's reassuring to see new organizations and pre-existing organizations picking up these unsponsored (or sponsored-by-smaller-orgs) teams.
Be sure to show your support for these new teams by tuning into the DPC broadcasts, which are happening all around the clock!
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