Nigma setting up for strong DPC performance after week one

By Matt DixonJanuary 24, 2021
We’re just one week into the DPC’s first regional league, and Europe is off to an exciting start. The first week saw five series play out in the Upper Division where every match seemed to go to the favourite. Europe’s elite have shown us that they’ve still got it. OG, Team Secret and Nigma came out on top this week, however, their opponents put up solid fights, leading to 2-1 results almost across the board. Interestingly, Team Liquid versus was the only 2-0 sweep of the week, despite these two being one of the closest matched pairings in the league.
One highlight of EU’s underdogs playing at peak performance was mudgolems’ game two performance against Team Secret.
In this 72-minute brawl, Oliver "skiter" Lepko became a true raid boss on his Wraith King. Racking up almost 900 GPM and armed with a Divine Rapier and the new Giant’s Ring Neutral item, he became a terror on the map. Even with seemingly endless disables and kiting abilities, Team Secret could not stop the one true king.
Mudgolems eventually broke through Secret’s defences to claim game two. While Secret won the series, mudgolems proved themselves capable of pulling of a striking victory against the best of the best.


So far, most teams have only played one series. Nigma and Liquid are the only two to have played two series already, and Nigma have won both of their matches already.
With victories over Alliance and Liquid locked in, Nigma are off to a solid start. Overcoming two of the stronger middle-of-the-pack teams sets them on a promising path to the major. We can take a look at their upcoming schedule to see what might lie in store for Nigma this season.
One of Nigma’s next series will be against, a competitive team who spent last year progressively rising towards the top of the EU region. Even though can take a series from even the likes of Secret and OG, Nigma seem immune to Vikin’s momentum, having defeated them all five times they faced each other last year. Assuming Nigma can maintain their streak against, their only concerns will be against their fellow top-tier contenders, Secret and OG. After those matches, the only opponents left for them to face will be High Coast Esports (ex-Chicken Fighters) and mudgolems, two of the weaker teams in the upper division. If Nigma can secure just one victory over their toughest opponents, OG and Secret, all they need is for their other games to go as expected, and we should see Nigma qualify to the first Major.
The upcoming second week will begin to show us how the season will take shape. Do you think Nigma can maintain their good start and find themselves at the first Major? Or will the underdogs develop their competitive start to be able to take full series from the big boys, and not just single games? Make sure you keep up with it using our event hub!
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