Europe and NA looking competitive in early DPC matches

By Chelsea JackJanuary 20, 2021
The Dota Pro Circuit may have started on January 18, but the top tier teams didn't start until the 19th. And while there were no real surprises in terms of who won, we were pleasantly surprised by how competitive some of these teams are looking.
What am I talking about? Let's take a quick look:

Team Secret versus mudgolems

In Western Europe (how do we feel about the change to the region names that Valve introduced yesterday?) This should have been an easy 2:0 for Team Secret. They dominated the region through most of 2020. And while mudgolems looked strong when the initial roster debuted in late 2020, they trailed off, and have changed their roster up.
Surely with a refreshed and renewed Secret, mudgolems didn't stand a chance?
Ha! Mudgolems put up an impressive fight with a massive Wraith King in game 2. It was quite impressive. And while Secret came back in game 3 to win the series, we think mudgolems deserves kudos.

Evil Geniuses versus 4 Zoomers

Over in North America, EG finally woke from their long slumber to play against 4 Zoomers. Debuting Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang as their offlaner, there were huge expectations for the squad. Now, granted, Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen was playing from Europe, and had a ping rumored to be >100, this team has been an auto-pick for the top spot in North America for many.
Well, 4 Zoomers showed up in game two with a Riki that ran circles around Evil Geniuses, finishing with an impressive 56.4K net worth.
And again, while EG came back to win the series in game three, full kudos to 4 Zoomers. They're a strong team, but seeing them take the second game off of Evil Geniuses

What's next?

What's next, you ask? Well, days and days of Dota Pro Circuit action are ahead of us. You can check in on the different regional leagues, both Upper and Lower Divisions, here on TrackDota!
Up today, we've already seen some games from Southeast Asia, there's European matches on the way, and later, South America debuts!
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