ESL reveals invites to CIS DPC 2021

By TrackDota TeamJanuary 2, 2021
Using language remarkably similar to Dreamhack (no surprise as the two organizations have merged), ESL has announced the "ESL One CIS DPC League" will begin with Open Qualifiers on January 5.
The four teams directly invited to the Upper Division of the CIS region are:
These four teams are quite competitive, and there's no doubt the CIS region will be entertaining to watch this season. Team Spirit only recently returned to Dota 2 by picking up the Yellow Submarine roster (winners of BTS Pro Series Season 4: Europe/CIS), allowing them to re-enter the esport in a very strong position.
ESL has not revealed which teams will compete in the closed qualifier, also called a Decider tournament by the organization. We should hear at the beginning of next week, per their direction, and any team that has not received an official communication is invited to compete in the Open Qualifiers.
The Decider tournament begins January 7-10, with the Open Qualifiers January 5-10.
Stay tuned for all of our CIS region DPC 2021 coverage.
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