Dota 2's Patch 7.28 arrives; Hoodwink emerges from Mistwoods

By Chelsea JackDecember 17, 2020
2020 has been roughly 10,000 days, and it's been at least 9,000 since the last significant patch update for Dota 2. But not anymore! Valve has just released 7.28: Mistwood Update, bringing us a LOT to unwrap in these last couple of weeks of the year.
Delivering us from the monotony of more Sven, arguments over neutral items (should they exist, should they not exist?), and a meta that was starting to get that spongy-stale texture, 7.28 is chock-full of changes.
The most obvious, and delightful, is our new hero: Hoodwink.
An Agility hero, she features abilities that offer a slow, a stun, and a slow and debuff, as well as nuking the enemy. You can check out her full kit in the game or on the official site.
We'll have to wait to see her in professional play. She's not available in Captain's Mode just yet. Expect some balancing tweaks over the next mumbles a number because we all know Valve time is a flexible thing weeks. It's possible we'll see her join us when the Dota Pro Circuit launches on January 18, but please, don't hold your breath. Just in case.
Other big changes in this patch include (this list is not exhaustive):
  • the introduction of Aghanim's Shards, which leads into...
  • new abilities for many heroes
  • 12 new items, including variations on Blink Dagger
  • changes to existing items
  • new Neutral items, with some items cycled out and others balanced anew
  • neutral creeps no longer increasing in bounty over time
  • lore for all items (hey, I'm excited about this one)
  • balancing of neutral units
You'll be able to get full insights into how the patch impacts your pub games over on sister site, Dotabuff, including first impressions over the coming days.
The pros are immediately tangling with the new patch as we're mid-event for BTS Pro Series Season 4 and OGA Dota PIT Season 4: Europe & CIS, among others.
Unless the patch breaks something significant, causing game delays (which has definitely happened in the past), you can tune into Omega Gaming versus Team Unknown in the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Final Series in 20 minutes, followed by Arkosh Gaming versus 5ManMidas in BTS Pro Series 4: Americas.
How will these professionals fare in their first games on the new patch?
Update! The patch dropped in the middle of two on-going series: Nigma versus Alliance in OGA Dota PIT Season 4: Europe & CIS, which will play the second game on the patch, and Team Brasil versus Jaguares eSports in BTS Pro Series 4: Americas, which will also play game two on the patch.
Good luck to everyone venturing forth into the Mistwood!
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