Takeaways from BTS Pro Series 4: Americas group stage

By Cristy RamadaniDecember 16, 2020
The BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas group stage has come to an end, and the playoff brackets are now set.
South America’s sweethearts, beastcoast, have arrived back on top with an upper bracket playoff spot. They are joined by 4 Zoomers, SADBOYS, and Thunder Predator. Team Brasil, Arkosh Gaming, and the two qualified teams, 5ManMidas and Jaguares Esports will need to fight in the lower trenches if they want to keep their championship dreams alive.
The first phase of the event might not have had many bracket surprises or unexpected implications, but there are still some important storylines to explore.
Beastcoast carved out a name for themselves through the DPC seasons and joined the exclusive club of being considered a successful competitive team. The pandemic has shaken their world a bit, and the team has not been performing up to the same standards that they set in the previous DPC season. With the start of the new season around the corner, a fire seems to have been lit under their… gaming chairs…. They definitely showed up to play again.
Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner is a lightning rod for attention, and things were no different in the days leading up to BTS Pro Series Season 4. Last week, No Pango challeneged Arkosh Gaming Twitter bet matchup with Arkosh’s BTS spot on the line. No Pango won, but of course, Arkosh didn’t (in fact, couldn’t in all reality) give up their place in the event for a bet. It was designed to create a rivalry, injecting some much-needed interest and hype into the struggling scene. Though Arkosh were able to hold their own somewhat in the group stage, taking games off even SADBOYS and 4Zoomers, they fell into the bottom half of the group and find themselves in the lower brackets. Not too surprising, but they certainly grabbed everyone’s attention.
SADBOYS signaled the return of Peter "ppd" Dager and brought Clinton "Fear" Loomis back to competitive play. The red carpet was rolled out for them, and without even one game under their belt together, they were bestowed with a direct invite. Their debut was highly anticipated but ultimately disappointing. The team split most of their series 1:1 — even giving Arkosh their first win of the event. But what about their two sweeps, you ask? Well, that was against the two qualified teams and let’s be honest, those guys combined don’t have the experience that one player on SADBOYS has in their pinky. No, we aren’t haters, but the patch has been out for what? Months? A year? All of 2020, which has been recorded as 74,234 days so far? There isn’t an excuse that these guys needed to readjust or learn a new meta. It was just… SAD for the boys.
Thunder Predator has been slowly climbing the ranks of the scene in both NA and SA. They have been consistently placing in the upper half of the final results with multiple podium wins. As we’ve seen over and over again in Dota 2, stability and consistency reigns king and opens doors for more opportunities for growth.
The playoffs begin tonight, December 16, with both upper bracket series, and will conclude on Sunday, December 20, with the five-game grand finals.
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