Nigma and Yellow Submarine eliminated from EPIC League

By Matt DixonDecember 8, 2020
The first round of the EPIC League Division 1 lower bracket is complete. Today, Team Liquid claimed victory over their predecessors, Nigma, and OG sunk Yellow Submarine who only earned their spot in Division 1 yesterday through the play-in stage.
Nigma’s early elimination is another disappointingly early drop-out for KuroKy and the gang — although, this is Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi's first tournament back in the pro scene after spending several months recovering from some injuries. Nigma’s run at EPIC League isn’t the worst we’ve seen from them in recent times, they were just one tiebreaker game away from a much safer upper bracket spot after a respectable fifth place in the group stage.
Despite their struggles, Nigma seem to be adding some flexibility to their drafts, including sending Amer “Miracle-“ Al Barkawi to the mid lane more often. Maybe a further shake-up of their play-style is what they need. We’ve written previously about the difficulties the former champions have been facing this season. Perhaps the upcoming new patch and new DPC season will be what Nigma need to return to the high level of play we expect from them.
On the other side of the bracket was a very welcome 2-0 for OG fans. OG’s performance has also been very up and down lately, with little to remind us of their historic TI8 and TI9 runs. However, they are safe for another round of playoffs after beating Yellow Submarine 2-0. Yellow Submarine were a last-minute contender for the Division 1 playoffs; however, this defeat is the end of a truly tragic tournament run. Originally, Yellow Submarine were in line for a qualifier slot directly to Division 1 before the surprise last-minute face-off against Just Error saw them miss out on making it to Division 1. Through the play-in stage, they claimed their revenge on Just Error and finally claimed their place. This was, of course, a short-lived triumph before they were chopped down by Yeik "MidOne" Nai Zheng’s Sven in both games.
EPIC League Division 1 games resume tomorrow, with some upper bracket action! Make sure you catch the games – will Virtus Pro and maintain their dominance at this event? Keep up with it all using our event hub!
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