Quincy Crew win Realms Collide, Infamous take second

By Chelsea JackDecember 7, 2020
Quincy Crew have done it again, adding another tournament title to their digital trophy case. Their first-place finish at Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness landed them $24,000 in prize money and put them back on top in the Americas region.
The grand final of the event came down to Quincy Crew, the North American juggernaut, and Infamous, a strong South American team who have bounced around in the mid-range of the Americas standings.
The grand final went 3:1 for Quincy Crew, with Infamous claiming the second match in the series. Quincy Crew repeated only hero in their grand final drafts: Sven. The carry was in the top ten most popular heroes of the event, with a 52.6% win rate.
Quincy Crew have been the dominant team in North America since early May when they began a winning streak that lasted until Team Zero beat them at DOTA Summit 13 Online: Americas in early November. Recently we spoke with their manager, Jack "KBBQ" Chen, and he mentioned the importance of continuing to improve.
The team plans now to take a period of rest before the Dota Pro Circuit. The DPC is scheduled to return on January 18, and Quincy Crew is an easy choice for the top tier division of North America.
South American teams took second, third, and fourth place at Realms Collide. During this time of online-only tournaments, the region has been matching up very well against their North American counterparts. What will happen as we head into regional isolation via the DPC remains to be seen, of course, but it's fair to say that the region itself should see some very competitive series in the months ahead.
The Americas have one final announced tournament this year; BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas, which gets underway on December 8. Notably, Infamous will continue to play through the open qualifier for the SA qualifier spot at the tournament, having not received a direct invite.
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