PSG.LGD clean sweep EHOME for CDA-FDC Season 2 trophy

By Kenneth WilliamsNovember 25, 2020
After a perilous upper bracket run and a dominant grand final, PSG.LGD have been declared the two-time champions of CDA-FDC Professional Championship. The event was hosted by the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association and featured just over $90,000 in prize money. Combined with their winnings from Season 1, LGD have earned more than $60,000 USD from CDA-FDC.
Runner-ups EHOME started from the lower bracket, earning 2:0 victories over super squad Elephant and Invictus Gaming. Their series against rising stars Team Aster was a 2:1 with all three games lasting less than thirty minutes.
Team Aster clinched a bronze medal off several key upsets in the group stage and an impressive 2:1. Midlaner Liu "DD斩首" Yuhao contributed greatly to the upset, going 28-4 across Aster’s two victories. The additions of DD斩首 and Du “Monet” Peng have brought tier 1 talent to the tier 2 staple.
Invictus’ very impressive underdog victory over Vici Gaming might steal Aster’s spotlight as the upset of the event. Zhou "Emo" Yi’s Lina recovered perfectly from a tough lane in game two, giving the team momentum heading into the final match.

Rematches are on the way

The group stage of CD2 Pro Cup Season 2 ran concurrently with CDA-FDC, and there are some storylines that include both events. Team Aster’s CDA-FDC streak came after upsets over EHOME, Vici, LGD, and more at CD2 Pro Cup S2. Their reputation as the team to watch could either be solidified or denied.
Some teams will enjoy the momentum better than others. Elephant and Vici are two-thirds of China’s Dota trinity, and both bombed out of playoffs at CDA-FDC. The biggest contrast is found in PSG.LGD; after winning this event, they’ll start in the lower bracket of Pro Cup.
As teams fight for their spots on the totem pole, new and unlikely rivalries are forming. Royal Never Give Up has a love-hate relationship with Elephant, and there’s no way Vici captain Ding “Dy” Cong will go down easy against Invictus next time. The next Chinese events will be spicy.
CD2 Pro Cup S2’s LAN playoffs will begin with Vici vs. EHOME on November 26 at 22:00 CT.
Header image credit to LGD Gaming
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