4Fun: 7.27 deathball

By Kenneth UtamaNovember 21, 2020
Lately, 4Fun has been the most exciting team to watch in the North American Dota 2 scene. A group of misfits that gathered together to play online tournaments during the pandemic ended up beating Quincy Crew, giving them their first tournament loss in a long time. 4Fun took the finals of the DOTA Summit 13: Americas over the dominant NA team, using unconventional picks, high mobility, and a style that other teams just aren’t playing in the 7.27 meta.

Mobility, Mobility, Mobility

4Fun emphasize the ability to group up fast and catch their opponent off-guard with constant rotations. Most of their laning stages play out just as any other laning stage would play out in 7.27. Out of nowhere, they will start a fight with what looks like two or three people, but end up having their entire team behind them and overwhelming the opponent with their speed of play.
In order to have this playstyle, 4Fun concentrate on mobile and strong team fighters like Leshrac, Clockwork, Spectre, and Void Spirit. Spectre can always be at a fight with her global ultimate Haunt, and Leshrac builds Boots of Travel as his first or second item in order to always be with the team for a fight.
The best example of this is a smoke rotation in the first game of the Grand Finals between 4Fun and Quincy Crew. where they made a 15 minute 5-man smoke behind the enemy mid with EternalEnvy’s Phantom Lancer leading the way. Not a common sight considering most Phantom Lancers are content farming a jungle camp at this time and ended up catching Quincy Crew with more numbers and won the fight.

Chen and Lesh

Chen and Leshrac have not been popular picks since the deathball meta was nerfed in the last patch, 7.26. However, 4Fun have been first picking these two heroes in the first phase, doing it against 4Zoomers earlier in the DOTA Summit 13 playoffs.
4Fun use the fast pace of play to punish teams that aren’t ready for their aggression. Rather than merely deathballing down the lane with a lot of units, 4Fun carefully uses smokes and constant aggression in order to take favorable skirmishes around the map, leaving the enemy beaten down with a good rotation. They then use Leshrac and Chen’s tower pushing ability and turn an inch into a mile. Slowly but surely reducing the map control the enemy has, and always having more information in order to take better fights. The snowball that 4Fun creates is one that is more controlled and intelligent than the ones we have seen from the last patch.
4Fun have brought back a more proactive playstyle compared to the rest of the spread, and will be interesting to see how the team grows over time. An North American Dota scene will now be more competitive than ever as Quincy Crew have been pushed off of their top spot. Will they regain it? Or will 4Fun reign supreme?
If you want to check both these teams out, they are playing in the Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness, which features some of South and North America’s best teams!
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