Climbing to the top of SEA Dota: Fearless interview

By ElevatedNovember 20, 2020
Following their dominant win during DOTA Summit 13: Southeast Asia, Motivate.Trust Gaming has made their case for being one of the best teams in South East Asia. With a unique spin on the meta and an exciting group of players from Thailand and Laos, Motivate.Trust is looking forward to testing themselves against international competition as soon as that becomes possible. I was able to sit down with the team’s mid player, Poomipat "Fearless" Trisiripanit, to discuss their win and approach to Dota 2.

How did Motivate.Trust Gaming come together? There aren’t a lot of Thai orgs making it to tournaments so I’d love to know how the Thai Dota scene is and how your team formed.
A: Team Trust was formed by Lakelz about 10 years ago.He became a coach like 2-3 years ago and has been collecting some Thai rising stars to his team to make a strong team. That's how I started playing professionally too. For this lineup, we're also lucky to have Jackky, a rising star from Laos. The Thai Dota scene is growing well. Next year we should have a national league and hopefully we probably find new strong players coming to the scene.
So Lakelz actually formed the team? He is scouting the talent and bringing players together like a manager also?
A: Yes, but he's doing the coach job too. His speciality is drafting.
You guys just won the Summit 13: SEA. First of all congratulations! It must feel really good to finally break into the top of your region. Your results have been steadily going up over the last year it seems. What have you guys been doing to improve as players and as a team?
A: Thank you, I was really happy when we won the Summit. I ran and bumped everyone in the camp including Lakelz and almost broke his body, haha.
We do lots of research and come together to share ideas about map movement and drafting. We tried to copy OG play style at first, but at some point, we realized we should be playing like Team Secret. That's how we feel more like ourselves.
My teammates and I believe that we can do better and better each day of playing together. We learn alot during team discussion. I point out what we know and how to make it happen (our problem mostly was communication while playing). Finally, figured it out and that's how we got stronger. At this point I'd say my team is currently around top 4 at least, there's Fnatic and T1 who didn't participate in the Summit 13.
So it sounds like you are all together then when playing? How has the team been handling things with COVID, both Laos and Thailand have done a good job with COVID so are you guys able to boot camp together or living in a team house or are you all remote?
A: We've all been together in a team house since February. I think that's kind of an advantage for my team compared to other teams in SEA too. At first COVID looked so scary to us so we all wash our hands after we get food from delivery and we wear masks all the time when we're going outside. Don't forget to wash your hands and wear a mask and together we'll help the COVID disappear! I really miss LAN events so badly.
I noticed from watching your games that you guys have a pretty unique take on the meta. I saw you pick some heroes that are not being played much in other regions or by other teams in your own region. Do you tend to learn from trying things out in pubs/scrims or is the team strategizing together to come up with these ideas?
A: We watch lots of tournament games and in pub games we see new heroes and new meta being played. Then we analyze them and we try it out. For example, I saw Limmp played Underlord mid to counter Void Spirit and after that I convinced my team to pick it. My coach is doing an amazing job to draft heroes who can go well with the Underlord and after some experiments we got the idea how to play around him.
Do you have an in-game leader or is everyone sort of making calls when they see them and contributing?
A: We don't have an in-game leader. We've been through lots of scrims and discussions to get the same idea about how to approach the map. What happens when we are playing is that basically when someone calls we immediately react to that and try to make it as perfect as possible. If someone calls for smoke, someone else will say, “this creep wave isn't good enough, I'll do that.” Then the rest will just flow with it. If a call is bad then our captain Boombell will stop it.
What is next for the team? Do you have a break or are there more tournaments coming up soon?
A: It's quite hard to answer here but actually we'll have a surprise in upcoming tournament in December.
Once international competition does come back, is there any specific team you would really like to face on LAN?
A: I'd love to face all the strong teams in all regions like beastcoast, EG, Quincy Crew. All the teams in EPIC League Division 1. PSG.LGD, VG, RNG, EHOME and Team Aster. That's quite a lot!
After talking to Fearless, it’s very clear that the strength of Motivate.Trust Gaming comes from their work ethic and enthusiasm for the game. Guided by the experienced mind of their coach, Lakelz, it should be fun to continue watching these rising stars from Thailand continue to develop in the coming months.
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