4 Zoomers kick monkeys-forever from team

By Tom CockramNovember 12, 2020
Earlier today, Jaron "monkeys-forever" Clinton announced on his Twitter that he had been kicked from the 4 Zoomers roster. As a result, monkeys-forever has decided to take a break from competing until the LANs return.
4 Zoomers first appeared at the end of April 2020 when they won the Dota 2 Beat Invitational Season 9. Since then, the team has gone on to have a mixed bag of results from first place to 7th-8ths. The team looked to be performing well after they got two third-place finishes at The Great American Rivalry Division 1 Season 1 and ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas, which they then followed up with a second-place finish at the OMEGA League: Americas, Divine Division. It’s worth noting that they were almost always knocked out by either Quincy Crew, CR4ZY, or Infamous, with Quincy Crew eliminating them four times. However, since their second-place finish, they have only managed a 7-8th finish at the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas and a 5-6th place at the DOTA Summit 13 Online: Americas.
After spending seven months with the same roster and never quite achieving the results they were after, a roster change isn’t too surprising. Fans won’t have to wait long to find out who will be replacing monkeys-forever as the team is competing in Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness. They are due to play their first game in one day’s time versus Infinity Esports. With Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann announcing he was stepping down from the CR4ZY roster, it’s the wild west out there with roster changes. An apparent need for position 3 players has arisen in the last few days — it’ll be exciting to see where people end up.
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