SumaiL, Ramzes, No[o]ne, Solo team up for EPIC League

By Matt DixonNovember 11, 2020
Over the past few months, we’ve seen several of Dota’s most successful players become teamless. First, Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan was kicked from OG after just a few months of playing with the team. There has been a lot of mystery about what comes next for SumaiL, as he is still considered one of the best mid players in the world – his carry performance with OG wasn’t bad either. As the EU/CIS region has been far more competitive than Sumail’s home region of North America, it seemed likely he would want to stick around after leaving OG, it was just a matter of finding a team fit for a king.
Virtus.pro recently discarded their main roster after a series of underwhelming results, eventually promoting their sub team, VP.Prodigy to the main roster given their strong performance over the past few months. While this was great news for the VP.Prodigy boys, this left VP’s Alexey “Solo” Berezin and Vladimir “None” Minenko, two of the CIS region’s most successful players of all time without a team.
The final piece of the puzzle fell into place just one week ago, as Roman “Ramzes666” Kushnarev left the active Evil Geniuses roster. Last year, Ramzes gave up his iconic carry role to play the offlane role with Evil Geniuses. As we discussed previously, the pandemic situation wreaked havoc on the new EG roster as their team was split across several different regions, meaning they were never able to play with their full roster.
After rumors have been circling for the past few weeks, we finally have confirmation that these players are playing together as "Just Error" in the final round of the EPIC League closed qualifiers. The roster is rounded out by position-four player Bakyt "Zayac" Emilzhanov, who previously played with Solo and None on VP. This is an exciting roster and could easily be called a super team given the sheer amount of pro-scene titles and experience its players hold. Both Sumail and Ramzes are returning to their original roles of mid and carry which gives us huge confidence in the team’s potential. However, None will be moving to the offlane; how well he adapts to this role may be the key factor in whether this team succeeds.
Do you think this team has the potential to compete with Europe’s finest? The team’s debut game is a best-of-five against Yellow Submarine; the winner earns their place in EPIC League where they can compete with the best teams EU/CIS has to offer. Keep up with the results using our event page.
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